Guardians of the Galaxy leaked set photos!


Huuuuuuwaaaat??!! What are these pictures?? These look to be the set photos from Marvel’s upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy  movie. The user sunshineandinshadow released these pics to the IMGUR gallery and these look to be legit. I could be wrong, and these could be the pics from the next Star Trek movie since we see different humanoid alien species and races in it. Haha, I’m just kidding. We all know the Nova Corp Guard suits were revealed this past San Diego Comic-Con, and the suit in these pics is a dead giveaway.




What are they running from? What’s going on? Perhaps it’s Thanos that they are running from? Or could it be something else? We won’t know what these set photos are about until the movie comes out, but it does satiate a little of our hunger for more information about this ambitious film. I hope James Gunn can deliver the goods come next year!

Source: IMGUR

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