Sharknado review: We’re going to need a bigger budget!


Some minor spoilers ahead

Syfy Channel has been known to churn out low-budget made-for-TV movies on the fly. Heck, many of us are still reeling from Sharktopus and Supergator. And now, they have given us something more to fear…Sharknado!

In Sharknado, a waterspout lifts sharks out of the ocean and deposit them in Los Angeles. That’s all you really need to know about the plot. The rest of the film is loaded with computer-generated man-eating sharks that are reminiscent of the cutting edge CGI from 1991.

As the title suggests there are so many moments where a bigger budget would have made this a Snakes on a Plane-worthy feature, but the lack of well-placed camera angles and set usage are what kind of kill the thrills, but in a very B-movie fun sort of way. And that’s what makes this film so charming. The world has no realistic rules, and you can tell people had fun with it!

Ian Ziering plays surf bar owner Fin, who with the help of his friends, Baaz (Jaason Simmons) and Nova (Cassie Scerbo) and their drunken customer George (John Heard), journey to save his estranged wife (Tara Reid) and his daughter (Aubrey Peeples) from the terror of these sharks, who always seem to appear through windows destroyed by random rushes of water, almost always carrying with it any number of sharks.

That is one of the fun parts about the flick. There is never a moment where the sharks appear realistically. And it’s pretty much always through a window! There are a lot of crazy moments in this film that keep it interesting. For instance, George seems to be very skilled in fending sharks off with his lucky barstool. Nova seems like she belongs in the army with her constant shotgun-blasting skills. And Fin has such dead-on accuracy with a pistol, taking out great whites and hammerheads from miles away, that it can’t be helped how much he wreaks of Rick Grimes at times. In one scene, Fin comes across a bus full of kids and he decides to save them with a rope and pulley system. And in typical B-movie fashion, all is complete in under 5 minutes! The only casualty in that scene? The bus driver makes a crack about his mom telling him Hollywood would kill him…then he gets crushed by a piece of the Hollywood sign. There is one absolutely AWESOME moment at the end of the film that makes the entire thing worth watching and I won’t spoil it, but it makes the whole flick worth it!

The barrage of constant CGI sharks add to the insanity and just makes the world more dangerous than all the lands in Tamriel combined! The film was obviously put together in such a short amount of time. You can tell by watching scenes where this hurricane has quite obviously destroyed parts of the city, but people don’t seem to notice as the cars are almost always dry and there is so much composite rain, you could literally tell the same filters are used constantly. But again, this was a fun b-movie that really didn’t care about perfection. Nevertheless, Sharknado offers a great popcorn flick that will keep you entertained for an hour and a half!

Grade: C+

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