SDCC13′ Evil Dead party and coverage

The film crew from the movie, Evil Dead, along with Sony Pictures and IGN, were gracious enough to invite Nerd Reactor to their festive affairs at Comic-Con 2013. In attendance were the cast line up and production crew. Appearances and autograph signings were held with Director Fede Alvarez and Jane Levy. Musical performances were made by Corey Taylor of Slipknot and DJ Green Lantern. The entire bar of The Commons was transformed into an Evil Dead bonanza with the line going outside and around the corner. We learned many things including:

  • Shuffleboard requires plenty of sand
  • Open bar and foosball makes you kick harder and often out of the field
  • That special Evil Dead drink was sweet but potent
  • Director Fede Alvarez is awesome and our Nerd Reactor writers’ favorite dude

The Evil Dead Blu-ray was released almost concurrently with Comic-Con this year on July 16. Check it out at your favorite store. The sequel to Evil Dead is in the talks, so look forward to that in the distant future.

Check out our interview with Star Jane Levy and Director Fede Alvarez here.

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