Judge Dredd comic publisher endorses Dredd movie sequel petition

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Dredd, starring Karl Urban, didn’t do well at the box office. However, once it hit the Blu-ray/DVD market, it did great, showing us that somehow the promotion was terrible for the theater campaign. Even with that said, it’s still sad to see it bomb at the box office, especially with critics and fans giving the movie praises (Nerd Reactor too).

With many fans loving the movie, it’s no surprise that an unofficial petition by Make a Dredd Sequel has been created to show the studio that there is support from fans. It has even been endorsed by Judge Dredd comic publisher, Rebellion.

The British publisher had this to say:

“Not long after the film came out, this fan-run campaign started up,” said Rebellion PR coordinator Michael Molcher. “We’ve watched it and it put us in a bit of a difficult position. Do we step in and try to help out or what? So we’ve decided to officially endorse it as 2000 AD. We can’t guarantee it’s going to succeed, but we want to say to the fans that your support is appreciated. There’s a massive following for the film, now, who have never read the comic. Perhaps there’s an opportunity for us to help spread the word about the movie and the comic, and down the line it might make a difference to getting a sequel.”

I recently attended a panel featuring Karl Urban during Star Trek Las Vegas. He discussed his time during Star Trek filming, but he also answered fans’ questions about Dredd 2. If fans want to see a sequel to Dredd, then they will have to let the studio know. Being a fan of the comic book when he was younger, he said that he would love for the sequel to feature the Dark Judges. Urban doubts that’s going to happen because it’s going to require a lot of expensive special effects.

If you want to sign, visit the Dredd 2 Sequel petition page.

Source: CBR via CinemaBlend

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