Breaking Bad Season 5 episode 9 ‘Blood Money’ recap


By Joe Gonzalez

It’s been a long year, but the wait is finally over. We are now viewing the conclusion to a great series. We were left with so many unanswered questions from last year, and hopefully we are given a resolution as to what exactly happens to Walter White (Heisenburg).

*Warning: Heavy Spoilers ahead*

Hello Carol

From the beginning of the first episode of Season 5, viewers were greeted with a flash forward which left us many clues. For starters, Walter White, or Walt, had grown most of his hair (indicating a time jump) and was using a different name. Was he in hiding? Witness protection? No mentions of any character as he was only having breakfast. During that, he meets Lawson and is given keys to a car, which we see has a weapon and ammunition in the trunk. We are shown another flash forward in the beginning of Episode 9, and it appears to take place just after the diner scene. More clues are provided as to where Season 5 could lead Walt. As he visits his abandoned house, we see “Heisenburg” spray painted on the wall, as well as his terrified neighbor upon seeing him. This not only validates that he is in fact hiding, but also indicates that Walt is exposed as Heisenburg, due to the fear shown from his neighbor.

To My Other Favorite W.W.

Rewind back to present time, Episode 9 takes place just after Episode 8. The Whites are hosting a barbecue with Hank Schrader and his wife Marie. Just before the year-long break, we were left with a huge cliff hanger: Hank found a clue that exposed Walt as Heisenburg. Hank is visibly disturbed and immediately leaves the White’s home. The realization of having what could be the most notorious meth dealer has been right under his nose the whole time throws Hank in a panic attack that causes him to crash through someone’s lawn. Though his wife Marie fears the worst, Hank brushes it off as nothing, but takes time off from work and requests all the documents from the Gus Fring case. After matching the handwriting from the book he found in Walt’s home with the hand writing of a dead chemist working for Gus Fring (and very similar message), Hank has now truly discovered that Walt could be Heisenburg. Piece by piece, Hank reviews every piece of evidence from the very beginning (we see clues that date back to Season 1) as he hopes to find where Heisenburg fits in all the events that has happened.

While Hank continues his work, Jesse Pinkman is distraught. While his buddies are with him smoking weed and talking about Star Trek, Jesse pays no attention to them. During the discussion, Jesse up and leaves with the two bags Walt gave him earlier ($5 million dollars in cash from his previous work with Walt). Ridden with guilt over the deaths he indirectly has caused, he asks his lawyer, Saul Goodman, to provide the money he was given to two parties: Mike Ehrmantraut’s granddaughter and the family of Drew Sharp. Saul has suspicions as to what happened to Mike (he was killed by Walt in Episode 7), but doesn’t question why the family of Drew Sharp attaining he “doesn’t want to know.” As his lawyer, Saul advises him not to give away the money since Mike’s assets were taken by the FBI and the family of Drew Sharp wants to know what happened to their boy (killed by Todd after witnessing a heist in Episode 5). After agreeing to do the delivery, only to keep Jesse from doing it himself, he phones Walt and informs him of what Jesse had asked.

I Need You To Believe Me

During a normal daily operation at the car wash, Walt and Skyler (Walt’s wife) discuss the possibility of purchasing more car wash businesses to launder the money they have faster. After a brief discussion, Skyler indicates she’ll think about it. Skyler takes a customer, which is shown to be Lydia, a former associate who helped Heisenburg with his distribution. After finding Walt, and claiming that quality has dropped over 60% since he left, Walt indicates he will never return. Skyler questions why anyone would wash a rental car, she deduces that she was only there to see Walt. After being informed that Lydia is someone he worked for, and asked for his temporary return, she demands Lydia to leave and to never return. From here, we have to ask, who else from Walt’s past business venture will return? The Russians? The Mexican Cartel? Declain (his competitor turned business partner)? We will have to wait and see who, if anyone, returns to try and lure, or force, Walt back into the game.

Walt visits Jesse and brings him the money he gave to Saul. Walt see’s the guilt in Jesse’s face, and pleas with him to keep the money. Unknown to Jesse that Mike is dead, he tells Walt that he believes Mike is still alive at Walt’s insistence. This could’ve alluded Jesse to believe that Mike is in fact dead since Walt desperately wants Jesse to believe him. Since he agreed to keep the money, Jesse decides to give away his money to random strangers. First a homeless person who asks for money, then door to door he throws stacks of the money.

I don’t Know Who I Am Talking To

Towards the end of Episode 9, we come face to face where the show would eventually end up: a confrontation between Hank and Walt. Walt arrives to Hank’s home, still under the impression he is sick from the barbecue. Hank implies that he is busy to have Walt leave, at the same time hiding his knowledge of Walt being Heisenburg. Before leaving, Walt confronts Hank with the GPS tracker they used to track Gus. Walt found the tracker earlier after noticing his book missing and nervously checking his vehicle. Hank closes the garage door and assaults Walt, claiming that he knows he is Heisenburg. Trying to hold his innocence, Hank rejects every word from Walt. After Walt’s insistence that he isn’t Heisenburg, he declares that he is a dead man. The thought of using his cancer sickens Hank that he calls him a rotten bastard. Walt claim’s even if Hank can prove that he is in fact Heisenburg, he will never see a jail cell as he will be dead in 6 months. After calming down, Hank demands to bring Skyler and the kids, and they will all discuss this, which Walt states will never happen. Visibly shaken, Hank states “I don’t know who I am talking to” to which Walt replies with a warning, “Maybe your best course would be to tread lightly.”

We can only speculate what happens next, but given the clues we saw in the beginning of the episode, it’s clear Walt is exposed. Hank at some point can prove his case. But more questions are brought up: How is Walt being exposed affect his family? What happened to Walt’s family? Are they killed or taken into Witness Protection? Does Walt end up killing Hank (and anyone else tying him to being Heisenburg) leading to him being in hiding? We’ll find out more as the series progress to its conclusion in the coming weeks.

Overall, I think it’s a good episode. It doesn’t throw us directly in a dueling confrontation of Hank and Walt, but pushes towards the beginning of resolution between the two main characters. Now that Hank knows, or thinks he knows, that Walt is Heisenburg, it brings the series to a different tone. No longer are they in-laws but enemies to which one has to prove the other as the villain, while the other has to decide what to do, even resulting in death. We also view Jesse Pinkman’s guilt clearly eating him from the inside. From the death to his girlfriend (season 2), death of a different girlfriend’s younger brother (season 3), the death of a random 10-year-old boy, and the death of 10 witnesses (both season 5), Jesse is clearly broken mentally. Looking to forgiveness, we will see what his actions will lead to, and seeing that Walt isn’t against tying loose ends, it could result in his death. It’s been a long year wait for the second half of Season 5, and with the direction Episode 9 has given us, it is proving that it’s worth the wait.

Grade B+

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