Looks like Vin Diesel might be the voice of Groot for Guardians of The Galaxy

Vin Diesel at SDCC 2013 - Riddick Panel

Vin Diesel at SDCC 2013 – Riddick Panel

Is this true? We’ve all known that Vin Diesel has been in talks with Marvel, but he was reluctant to speak about his possible upcoming role in any of the Marvel movies. However recently on his Facebook page, he posted a pic of a character that seems somewhat familiar to all of us Marvel fans.

Groot from Annihilation: Conquest Book 1.

Groot from Annihilation: Conquest Book 1.

If you clicked on the Facebook link, you can see that he posted a pic of an anthropomorphic tree. The only anthropomorphic tree that’s coming up in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is Groot from the Marvel movie, Guardians of the Galaxy. For the people that don’t know, Groot is a sentient flora/tree creature that serves as an integral part of the GotG team. Basically, think of Treebeard from Lord of the Rings, but with faster movement and a killer instinct.

Of course we could just be reading into it a little too much. Vin did take the pic down and changed it quickly after it was posted; it’s still there in his cover photos though. Vin Diesel did do an extraordinary job at voicing the Iron Giant from several years ago, so we can only assume that if he takes the role of Groot, he would probably blow it out of the water as well.

For now let’s sit, wait, and hope that Marvel releases a statement soon since Guardians of the Galaxy is already well on its way.

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