Mount Hua awaits you: Age of Wushu’s newest expansion goes live

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Legendary warriors and kung-fu masters rejoice: Legends of Mount Hua, Snail Games’ latest expansion to its game Age of Wushu, is now live. Most fans of the game already know that the quirky callback to ancient Chinese culture is already ridden with special features, but along with a new story, the expansion brings brand new combat mechanics and several unique additions to the popular MMO.

First and foremost (to this cosplaying writer, at least) are the additions of new outfits and the titles that come with them. From Southern Emperor to Northern Beggar, the vast array of new duds takes the intricate fashion design of ancient China and combines them with an intriguing fantasy element that the game’s character designs are famous for.

The Legend of Mount Hua is more than a singular storyline – along with the primary world’s plot, the expansion comes with tale of The Yanmen Pass, where players can explore three storylines surrounding the story of General Fang Wuhen, a conflicted warrior torn between enacting vengeance and treason against his people. Each storyline has escalating difficulty and strength requirements, helping players level their characters along the way.

Players can enjoy two brand new martial arts skills, called The Astonishing Goose Blade and the Flowing Cloud Sword, which can be earned by playing through Yanmen pass. New treasures and artifacts are available to boost characters’ basic stats and abilities, and a new reputation system encourages players to build their popularity among the rankings to earn special titles, costumes, lackeys, and much more.

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As someone who only recently began playing Age of Wushu (after being reluctantly pulled away from PC games for almost a decade – oh, wallet, why are you so empty?), the mentoring system is one of the most exciting additions to this expansion, allowing newer players to serve as an apprentice under older, more seasoned players. This system makes leveling up far easier, and also features specials discounts on learning new skills from your mentor. This, of course, benefits those of us that generally run into MMOs screaming/waving swords or big sticks around and hoping for the best. The ability to work with other players in this close environment also enforces a positive player engagement, which is a community-building effort that isn’t seen as often in games across the board.

Ultimately, Mount Hua brings hours of new gameplay, fun costumes, and the chance to interact with your fellow players in new and innovative ways on this already popular platform. For more information, check out the official release article here.

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