Interview with the Megaforce Rangers and Jason David Frank, AKA the Green Ranger

At San Diego Comic-Con 2013 Saban came in full force. They featured MegaForce, with a booth full of Power Ranger exclusives like the Limited Edition 4″ Green Dragon Ranger Figure including a Power Rangers diecast coin with all 5 ranger, a 24k Power Rangers Megaforce Gosei Morpher, and a Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers 24k Legacy Power Morpher featuring the Green and White Ranger coins. That was just at the Bandai America booth. The Bluefin booth had the Green Ranger S.H. Figuarts on sale a month before release along with an exclusive stand set for the Green Ranger, Red Ranger and the upcoming Armored Red Ranger. Along with a few special guests from previous Ranger series, the MegaForce Rangers were all on hand for meet and greets and autographs all weekend.

During Comic-Con we were invited to interview the cast of the MegaForce to talk about the upcoming lineup of Ranger goodies.The best thing of all, we got to speak to the legendary ranger himself, Jason David Frank.

As a kid, I found myself watching the original Mighty Morphing Power Rangers everyday after school, and when they introduced Tommy, I was hooked. The green ranger was instantly my favorite, and as the Ranger series kept going I still enjoyed watching him as the White Ranger, Red Zeo Ranger and Red Turbo Ranger. After Power Rangers Turbo ended, I ended up skipping most of the next Power Ranger series. That is until I heard Jason David Frank would be returning to Dino Thunder.

However Power Rangers MegaForce has been one of those series I’ve enjoyed watching, having similarities to the original series. Celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Power Rangers series, we got a chance to catch up with the MegaForce Rangers for the second time (check out our previous interview).

I asked them about their Comic-Con experience. For their very first SD Comic-Con, the MegaForce Rangers were shocked and amazed at the amount of people attending.

When asked about the history of Power Rangers and their experiences working on the they, they were humbled by the fact they are now part of Ranger history. They have been busy filming Super MegaForce and were surprised, amazed and were able to work with and meet some of the Rangers from the past.

By Saturday they haven’t been able to walk the floor much, being nerdy fans themselves, they wanted to check out the Assassin’s Creed pirate ship that was docked behind the convention center, check out some booth and panels including the Avatar: Legend of Korra panel and just walk the floor, which they later got a chance to do.

When we last talked to them back in February, MegaForce had yet to air and about five months later, they all felt glad and honored that fans have enjoyed the series so much. They love working with each other and with the next season coming, they have some Super Mega plans in store. Just like the last meeting, there was so many uses of Mega we decided to make it Super Mega Special this time.

Then I got a chance to speak to Tommy himself. Growing up and being a huge fan of Jason David Frank, you can say that I was excited. I’ve interviewed many celebrities, but when you meet someone you grew up watching and idolizing, your mind goes, “Wow, it’s him. Don’t screw up!”

Watch as I chat with Jason David Frank about the Power Rangers, the upcoming Super MegaForce special, his martial arts background, breaking a Guinness World Record, and his fans. Apologies on the audio, since our audio recorder didn’t want to work during Comic-Con.

Saban was also showing plenty of the upcoming Power Ranger line of products.

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