Nerdy Deal of The Day: 2-Months of Hulu Plus (Free)

I hate free stuff…said nobody ever. Let’s face it, nerds love freebies. From the random shirts that would never fit you, to awesome giveaways, nobody enjoys “swag” like we do. Right now, Hulu is offering its application service Hulu + with a free two month trial. If you decide to keep the service after two months, you’re looking at $8 per month.

I use Hulu + with both my phone and Roku box mainly because it has the best selection of anime among any streaming service in the U.S. If you are a lover of either animation or reality shows, I would recommend Hulu + over Netflix any day.

(On a side note, if you already pay for Hulu +, you will not be able to extend your service, but you can stop your current service and create a new account to enjoy two free months of viewing, then go back to your original account)


Free stuff is the best stuff.

Although with Hulu + you are still required to watch about 6 mins worth of commercials per 23 minute show, at least you get to pick and choose when and where you watch your favorites.

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A list of Hulu + Programming

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