BBC to announce next Doctor on Sunday – Who will it be?


This coming Sunday marks the now-confirmed debut announcement of the next (and presumably final) incarnation of one of its most popular main characters of all time, The Doctor, of classic series Doctor Who.  For anyone outside of the “Whoverse”, this means another opening to jump into the long-running series, as each Doctor comes with new stories and fresh companions for newbies to acquaint themselves with. It also means that speculation is running rampant within the large and rather dedicated fandom on who will be cast as everyone’s favorite Time Lord. What’s most interesting about this announcement is the fact that producer Marcus Wilson stated less than a week ago that casting choices were still underway, according to E! Online. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the possible casting choices for the new series.


First among fan favorites is Ben Whishaw, most recently known for his role as Q inSkyfall. With the series seemingly aiming for a younger Doctor with each new incarnation, it’s not too far-fetched to assume the wide-eyed actor could be in consideration for the role. His quirky attitude and apparent mastery of any style of jargon would make for an easy adaption to the role of the quick-tongued, whimsical Doctor, and his fresh-faced looks could easily send sites like Tumblr spiraling into a familiar fandom meltdown composed almost entirely of shrieking fangirls – a reaction that the BBC has become quite famous for repeatedly spawning on the popular blogging platform.



Rory Kinnear has been one of the front-runners for quite some time, and follows suit with his Skyfall co-star Whishaw. Kinnear was named as a front-runner for the role of the Doctor just hours after current Doctor Matt Smith announced his departure for the role, but has denied any rumors of his casting. On top of that, a most recent (but wonderful) wrench has been thrown into this possibility, as Kinnear is now tied to other projects: as the title character in ITV’s Lucan (also starring former Ninth doctor Christopher Eccleston) which set to film at the same time as the new Doctor’s debut, and as a playwright, with his new project The Herd set to hit stages later this year.

Peter Capaldi charity poetry album

The third and most popular choice for the next Doctor, Peter Capaldi, has already appeared on the series in an episode titled The Fires of Pompeii as Lucius Caecilius Iucundus, a real-life historic figure known for his gorgeous and still-standing home in the ruins of the famous Roman city. Best known for his role as Malcolm Tucker in BBC’s The Thick of It, Capaldi is now at the top of the bookies’ betting list ( the UK runs actual hard-money betting lists on the Doctor – which isn’t nearly as terrible as widely-popular reality show betting pools and royal baby gender bets) and could be the shift to an older Doctor that the series has not taken since rebooting in 2005.

While fans have pushed for a Doctor that doesn’t happen to fit the usual Tall White Guy mold, the top three contenders fit the bill for the Doctor: clever, non-mainstream actors who are deeply favored by BBC audiences. A few days’ time will tell.

Fans can catch the announcement on Doctor Who Live: The Next Doctor on August 4thby tuning into BBC1 at 7PM BST, or BBC America at 2PM EST

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Source: BBC One

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