A portable, waterproof speaker?! Say hello to the Pyle Splash SoundBox


Whether you’re at the pool, the lake, or just listening to your Bluetooth speaker in the bathroom, the fact of the matter is that there is a high risk of getting your speakers a little wet. If your speakers aren’t waterproof, that speaker you just bought is probably going bye bye. Enter PyleHome’s Splash SoundBox Bluetooth speaker.

So this is what you get with the speakers:

• Easy-to-use push controls connect to any Bluetooth enabled device
• Features ultra-lightweight, shock-absorbent design to perform through the toughest environments and weather conditions
• Enhanced bass production delivers high fidelity sound to recreate lows, mids, and highs perfectly and accurately
• Built-in lithium battery and USB charging cable make recharging easy and convenient
• Rubberized construction and rugged design make it the perfect companion for the beach, pool, camping, jobsite, shower, or any indoor space
• Metal hook loop attaches easily to any karabiner, chain, or wire


Sweet! That means I’ll be able to sing my tunes in the shower without getting water or steam in my phone or laptop!

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