Xbox Media Showcase/Xbox room at Comic-Con

During Comic-con so many things were going on, tons of panels, a huge exhibit hall which featured autograph sessions, tons of things to buy and man, its already been about two weeks and I miss it all…well maybe my wallet is happy with all the goodies and exclusives I came home with but the experience was amazing.

One huge change this year was the gaming area, Xbox had a large presence both on and off the floor with the Xbox One. In the convention center the Xbox One booth had playable demos of upcoming Xbox One titles and the lines were huge, fans waited for hours to get their hands on some of the upcoming games including my personal favorite Killer Instinct and while I talked to a few of the people in line asking them what they were looking forward to the most they just said, “Just getting a chance to play the system, feel out the controller and get my fill until the console out is enough for now.”

but that wasn’t all, Microsoft had in store.

Over at Grant Hyatt Hotel, which was about a ten minute walk from the convention center, Microsoft had rented out a large area and made it the Xbox Lounge. The Lounge featured Xbox one playable demos (many of which were at the Xbox booth in the exhibit hall) featuring a large Ryse area, an arcade style cabinet for  upcoming Xbox 360 games like the upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle game, World of Tanks, Lego Marvel Super Heroes, and a few others where fans can kick back get away from the massive crowds of the exhibit hall.

On Thursday night, Microsoft held a very special party with a more in depth look with the development teams, and Xbox team members including Major Nelson. We got a one on one talk through with the team behind Dead Rising 3 and Battlefield 4, but I found myself hanging out with Double Helix guys playing more Killer Instinct and practicing the game…yea I am that excited for the game that about 60% of my time when it came to Microsoft was playing KI.

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