E! and WWE team up to bring Total Divas – A backstage look at being a WWE Diva

thI’ve been a fan of WWE for almost 15 years, back when it was known as the WWF. It’s the characters and stories that have always kept the sports entertainment interesting, I even went as far as wanting to be a wrestler growing up, but that never happened aside from some backyard wrestling matches I had with friends.

The WWE isn’t a stranger to dramas and reality TV. For the past few years WWE had Tough Enough, a program that focused on tons of hopefuls aiming for a WWE contract and created WWE superstars like the Miz. WWE itself is one huge pot of everything entertainment, with writers in backgrounds in film and TV creating some pretty crazy stories and factions that draws in millions of fans, so it’s not a surprise they wanted to branch out and create a different type of stars using their roster of talents.

The first episode of Total Divas focuses around the Bella Twins (Nikki and Brie), The Funkadactyls (Naomi and Cameron), Natalie Neidhart (daughter of Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart and niece of The Excellence of Execution Bret “The Hitman” Hart) focusing on the week right before Wrestlemania 29 back in April.

totaldivas72813Total Divas shows what takes place backstage in real life in the world of sports entertainment including being on the top. Nikki and Brie talked about their relationships with WWE stars John Cena and Daniel Bryan, which normally is taboo due to the fact that the wrestlers get “romantically linked” or teamed up to help raise stock in a particular wrestler. If you watch WWE RAW you probably remember last year’s AJ Lee/Daniel Bryan storyline which helped elevate both characters, and we already know Brie has been dating Daniel for over two years.

Ego and humility are a big part including Natalie, aka Natalya, who originally is told she isn’t getting a match at Wrestlemania. She really wanted to prove to her family, the legendary Hart family, but is told she would be helping two new upcoming divas and show them the rope. She is crushed but does her job. The Bella Twins, having worked hard and earning a spot at the top of the WWE, show two sides of themselves. The cocky, egotistical side will do things to keep their spots and make sure the new girls know that, and the sweeter kind side show how they are to each other and their boyfriends.

You then have Naomi and Cameron, who are getting ready for their WM 8-man tag match along with Brodus Clay, Tensei vs Team Rhode Scholars and the Bella Twins. An argument between the Funkadactyls and Brodus Clay causes Cameron to have a breakdown, which causes her boyfriend to snap and want to take it out on Brodus. Naomi tries to calm him down, since as a team it could cause both of them their job. Everything is crazy before such a huge event, tensions are high everything is going wrong leading up to the final match. A dream is shattered for the eight people involved.

mWU9QexAnd finally you meet the two new development Divas, Eva Marie and Jo-Jo. Quickly you learn Eva Marie is just in it for herself. She is a former model and right off the bat thinks she is better than everyone else, which causes the Bella Twins to quickly remind the new girls of their place in the pecking order. You find it funny when the Bella Twins do agree Eva Marie is gorgeous, and when the WWE heads ask Eva Marie to change her hair color to blonde to avoid any mix ups between herself and the Bella Twins, she ignores them and decides to go a Rihanna Red, which normally would get someone fired but she get’s lucky and a warning. As for poor Jo-Jo, she really doesn’t shine or do anything to stand out in the episode. I do find it odd that they decided to go with two girls with no previous experience; just two pretty girls, model status to try and stir up the pot.

The first episode focused 80% on the Bellas and their relationship with the face of WWE and the future of WWE Daniel Bryan. I’ve personally been a fan of Daniel Bryan back in his Ring of Honor days, back when he went by his real name Bryan Danielson. It was awesome that they actually at one point referred to him by his actual name.

Will the other girls break out and take the most interesting points in later episodes? We know there will be a focus on Natalya and her real life boyfriend (now current husband), WWE Superstar Tyson Kid. She seems to be a very sweet and a hard working girl, helping train the other divas and showing them the rope coming from such a prestigious legacy.

I am looking forward to the later episodes. It will delve into the divas training regiments, look at their relationships on the road, which is difficult with all the traveling. While the Bella Twins and Naomi all are dating wrestlers active on the roster, it makes it easier for them, compared to the others who don’t. It does make a great shoe for the millions who watch the WWE and get to learn more about the real life personalities of people you like to watch on TV, and for people who like drama, well you will get plenty of that thanks to the egos between the Bellas and Eva Marie and that is just the start.

If I had a choice though, I would’ve loved to add AJ Lee, Vickie Guerrero, and Kaitlyn to the show. I hope we do see them in the future. This is one of the better E! reality shows I like to watch, aside from The Soup.

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