The Flash is speeding over to CW!


You probably didn’t know it because this news just popped up… (puts on sunglasses) in a Flash! The CW officially announced that they are green lighting an order for an Arrow-like show about The Flash, since Arrow is such a huge hit for the CW. The greatest part of the news is that it looks like it will be following the Barry Allen version of the Flash, unlike Smallville’s Bart Allen.

As most of you are aware, the New 52 follows Barry Allen, Flashpoint Paradox is about Barry Allen, and DC has confirmed a Flash movie for 2016 which might be following him as well. It seems also that they plan to spinoff this character and show from Arrow, meaning he might show up in the end of season 2. If you enjoy watching Arrow, then this is even more bad-ass news.


Some people are wondering though how they are going to cross timeline streams with a TV show and Flash movie. Some people forget that Smallville was its own deal, and although Tom Welling fought for the role as Superman, he never got it. So far though the creative team has said there will be “no conflict” between the TV show and movie. WHATTTTTT?

Does this mean the person cast for the show could also be cast for the future Justice League movie? What about the Speed Force? Does this also mean that Stephen Amell can show up as part of the Justice League movie in the future? There are so many different things that can happen just from this announcement that it’s hard to speculate. But what I want to know is, who do we think could play the Barry Allen’s Flash character?


Source: Newsarama

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