Video Game High School Season 2 Premiere Party video and photos

VGHS - IMG_9551

This week was the release of the first 30-minute episode of the new season of Video Game High School. With the success of the last season (mainly due to the 2.5 seconds that you can see me in the background), this newest 6-episode arc was greatly anticipated.

At the premiere party the stars were out in full force and the YouTube Space was packed with internet celebrities, producers, writers, and people to slip my resume to. Check out the premiere party video below.

And here’s episode 1 featuring Freddie Wong, Jimmy Wong,¬†Harley¬†Morenstein (Epic Meal Time), and Chris Hardwick (The Nerdist).

Freddie Wong and gang.

VGHS - IMG_9560

VGHS - IMG_9580

VGHS - IMG_9591

The writing team

VGHS - IMG_9595

Cast members Jimmy Wong and Bryan Forrest.

VGHS - IMG_9564

Joey Rassool (me) and Beck HortonVGHS - IMG_9625

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