Hub Network Press Tour 2013: New shows!


Nerd Reactor was present at the Hub Network Press Tour for their new Fall shows Sabrina: Secrets of a Teenage Witch, Spooksville and the Hub Network’s First Annual Halloween Bash. We were live at the red carpet with the actors from the Hub’s most popular shows – Transformers Prime and Transformers Rescue Bots.

We spoke to several voice actors from the 3D animation Transformers Prime and Transformer: Rescue Bots Josh Keaton, Jason Marsden, and Maurice LaMarche (See our full interview with LaMarche here),

We wanted to know if the Transformers voice actors would prefer to be a Decepticon or Autobot?

Keaton: My favorite Decepticon is Soundwave, because he doesn’t talk at all. He’s the ultimate badass. Whenever things need to get done, it’s done right and I really dig Soundwave. My favorite Autobot is Ratchet. I don’t know. The Autobot fights for good but most  of the Decepticons could fly and I want to fly. I might have to fly. I would transform into a plane.

Marsden: Favorite Autobot: Optimus Prime from the classics.

LaMarche: I would probably be – even though I’m playing the ultimate human good guy on the show – a Decepticon. I do villains well. I do irritation well. I am usually the irritated genius. So I’d probably be a Decepticon. I’d take form of a gigantic robotic lab mouse planning to take over the world! [LaMarche did voice the evil mouse “Brain” of the infamous Pinky and the Brain].


One of the new shows in the fall line up is Sabrina: Secrets of a Teenage Witch. In this 3D animated show, Sabrina is a half-witch/half-human combination that must live in both the magical world and the normal world. She must keep her secret and the two worlds from colliding to save all of humanity.

We spoke to Ashley Tisdale, voice of Sabrina, about the show.  When asked about the previous television versions of Sabrina, Tisdale responded, “I grew up watching Sabrina the Teenage Witch – even the live action, and I was a big fan of it. For this, this is a different story and I really just loved it. I loved how she is both in both witch world and human world. And she’s so klutzy and crazy and trying to fit into human world. I think we could all relate to when we’re that age. And in the witch world, she’s a superstar. I love the dynamic.”

We asked her, “If you could have any of Sabrina’s witch powers, which would it be?” Tisdale replied, “I love her broom. It gets her anywhere super quickly. So if I could, I would totally rock a broom.”


Another show coming out this fall is called Spooksville based on the acclaimed book series by Christopher Pike. Adam is the new kid in Spooksville and holds the key to fight evil that has been taking place in town. With his friends by his side, he takes on the supernatural and the unexplained. The lead is played by 16-year-old up-and-coming actor, Keean Johnson. Executive producer Jane Startz explains the show, “It is not a horror series at all. It has some comedy. It’s based on a book series by Christopher Pike. Nobody gets killed, dismembered or in serious jeopardy, but there is serious supernatural going on.” Johnson explains, “It’s more of a thriller, where they leave you at the edge of your seat, but not where you have to sleep with the light on for a week.”


This year, the Hub Network will feature its first annual Halloween Bash! It will be similar to a New Year’s Special on television but for Halloween. The event – which will be filmed live – will feature chart-topping musical performances, celebrity presenters and judges, a huge national costume contest, and lots of entertainment for kids and their families. It will air on the Hub Network on October 26th. We will be releasing the costume contest details soon! So, cosplayers!!! BE ON THE LOOK OUT!

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