This is one hot Terry Bogard cosplay from King of Fighters

terry_bogard_fatal_fury_01Any fans of Terry Bogard from King of Fighters (or Fatal Fury) here? If you are and you love gorgeous gals crossplaying, then I like to introduce you to this particular cosplay from Dayna Baby Lou with photographer Addy Davies.

Terry Bogard is Dayna’s favorite fighting game/anime character. That’s pretty bold, since she likes to cosplay as a lot of different video game characters. She has been a fan of the Fatal Fury franchise at an early age, even watching the Fatal Fury The Motion Picture regularly. Now I can support that.

As for the outfit, she said that it’s pretty easy to make. The only thing she had to custom make was the vest. She already had the Fatal Fury hat and shoes, the rest were things she could find in her closet.

Check out the rest of the photos below.terry_bogard_fatal_fury_02 terry_bogard_fatal_fury_03 terry_bogard_fatal_fury_04 terry_bogard_fatal_fury_05Via GeekxGirls


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