First two episodes out for Monty Oum and Rooster Teeth’s RWBY


Rooster Teeth has recently released the first two episodes for RWBY, a cel-shaded animated web series created by the talented animator, Monty Oum (Haloid, Dead Fantasy). The series is heavily inspired by anime and Japanese video games. Before the release of the series, we’ve been teased by four different trailers, each focusing on the different characters modeled after different colors (RWBY=Red, White, Black, Yellow).

With the first episode, we’re introduced to Ruby Rose (Red), a young girl who shows off her fighting skills. She gets in trouble, but her amitions gets her to the academy so that she can become a hunter, like her older sister Yang Xiaolong (Yellow).

Check out the first two episodes below.

Episode 1

In the second episode, Ruby and her older sister, Yang, arrive at Beacon Academy. Yang tells Ruby to make friends, before ditching Ruby and joining her other friends. Ruby meets the other two main characters, Weiss (White) and Blake (Black).

Epiosde 2

Also, please check out our interview with Monty Oum.

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