Meet the man who sang that Zelda song…and no, it’s not System of a Down

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There are still many people who think that System of a Down performed that one Legend of Zelda song that was made popular on the internet since the days of Napster. If you’re a casual fan of System of a Down, it’s understandable to think that, even I thought it was their lead singer, Serj Tankian, for a while.

With that said, meet the man behind the legendary song, Joe Pleiman. Simply titled “Zelda”, Pleiman was responsible for writing and singing the song that was released in 1998 on the Rabbit Joint self-titled album.

Back in the days of Napster, it was common to see songs with wrong artists being credited. Since people with the audio files didn’t know who to credit, they would put the artist of who they believed it was. This lead to that file being shared by many, and the rest is history.

You can check out Joe Pleiman’s site and listen to his other songs.

Via Kotaku

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