Joseph Gordon-Levitt to play Doctor Strange?


These rumors persisted for a bit a couple months ago and are now resurfacing again. Will Joseph Gordon-Levitt, or better known as JGL, be donning the mystic wardrobe of Marvel’s ultimate sorcerer supreme? JGL’s last superhero screen time consisted of working with Christian Bale in The Dark Knight Rises, which I believe he did a great job in. I’m not going to question JGL’s credibility as an actor since he’s done a variety of roles in the past, however, he was last tied in/rumored to don the Dark Knight’s garb in DC’s Justice League movie (although that movie seems to have been scrapped in place of Superman vs. Batman for a 2015 release).

Personally, I think JGL might be a little too young to play Marvel’s Doctor Stephen Vincent Strange. Yes, I know that they can use make-up to make him look a little aged, however, I feel that Patrick Dempsey would make a better Doctor Strange. Mr. Dempsey not only has on-screen credibility as a doctor (similar to Doctor Strange who is was a surgeon) from Grey’s Anatomy, but he also had some experience in action movies with Transformers: Dark of the Moon. Of course again, this is my personal opinion and I could be biased, since Patrick Dempsey looks the part and really wants to play the character, while Joseph Gordon-Levitt still has somewhat of a baby-face and hasn’t really spoken about the character.


Well whoever Marvel chooses, it’s great that Doctor Strange will soon grace the big screen, which will add to the already expanding Marvel Cinematic Universe. In addition to this, Marvel recently acquired Ghost Rider, who has crossed paths with the good Doctor before. Both these characters in Marvel’s hands would make an interesting crossover on film. I am excited to see what Marvel has up its sleeve when they finally open the portal for us into Doctor Strange’s mystical and sometimes frightening world.

Dormammu. Doctor Strange's bitter nemesis.

Dormammu. Doctor Strange’s bitter nemesis.

Source: Latino Review 

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