The Atlas: Making the Oculus Rift even more awesome!

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So for those of you unfamiliar, the Oculus Rift is a virtual reality device that fits on your head like goggles and, well, the obvious happens. Unfortunately it’s still in the development stage but you can buy your own kit from their website for a measly $300. However, some people like Aaron Rasmussen aren’t just satisfied with sitting at a desk with just VR goggles.

For those of you too lazy to watch the video and are still reading this, his concept is simple: Rift + iPhone + floor mats = Next Level of Immersion. The floor mats are your running area and will prevent you from running into walls, and the iPhone running the Atlas app is used for 3D positioning. Granted you’ll need a large space to move around in (which is still probably less than what you need for a Kinect to work), but for what you may be able to do with this setup once development is complete, it’ll be worth it. And the applications for this works on a lot of levels. Are you an overweight guy who’s too lazy to go to the gym? Fire up the Atlas and see how fast you can clear Uncharted. Kid hyped up on 7 bowls of Cocoa Puffs? Set them up with with the Atlas and watch them tire out from trying to finish Super Mario World.

Granted it’s got a pretty high goal for a months time in Kickstarter (although not nearly as ludicrous as some other Kickstarters. This little venture is something I’m definitely looking forward to seeing.

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