Nerdy Deal of the Day – Nokia Purity by Monster Premium On-Ear Headset ($50)

So who wants to pay $200 for headphones? I know I don’t. Fortunately as reviewers we have the privilege of trying out most products before we decide on expensive purchases. As for most consumers, you’ve daringly left it in our hands to divulge the experiences we’ve had with these items. Fear not fellow nerds, I’ve got ya. Every day or so, I’ll be bringing you the hottest internet deals on stuff you should want. Lets start this off with some headphones! NOTE: Only the black/magenta/white versions are $50.

Nokia Purity by Monster Premium On-Ear Headset

The Nokia Purity by Monster Premium On-Ear Headset

So I’ll be frank with you guys, these aren’t the best headphones on the planet. They do have issues with sound fading and the reviews aren’t the best (average rating at 4.0/5). But these reviews are based at a $200 price point. For $50, it is extremely rare to find a pair of higher quality headphones these days.

Purchase at the Microsoft Store.

Total price with shipping + Tax = $55

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