NerdHQ: Conversations for a Cause: Sherlock


NerdHQ worked with several shows to earn money for Operation Smile. BBC’s Sherlock panel, hosted by Zack Levi, consisted of Sue Vertue, Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat.


They discuss the upcoming third season and the response from the audience is amazing. Moffat confirms Andrew Scott’s Moriarty is dead. He’s gone. They only brought him back in to play the dead body.

They even discussed about Sherlock’s jeans and it changed from Sherlock wearing jeans to wear suits and a personality change. They asked if Sherlock would go out of London (even though they film in Cardiff), but he would not unless it’s necessary. They mentioned the hat and how Sherlock is beginning to like it.


Their funniest moment for Moffat was when Benedict fell over for a scene. Moffat added “Possibly one day available as a DVD extra or when just if you come by my house. Benedict in the sheets, falling over with his arms trapped, he fell like a tree. And everybody responded to the leading man falling onto his nose by falling around laughing. Everybody roared with laughter, he was alright, he was trapped by the sheets – like a tree.


Gatiss speak about Mycroft mourning for Sherlock, “Mourn? No, just laughing. The scene we shot, I go to the grave and laugh hysterically. That’s my favorite scene.

Fans asked Mark Gatiss about his role in Game of Thrones – but he refused to reveal it.


The writers refused to discuss spoilers such as Steven Moran and Sherlock’s family life (his mother and father).

We may see Professor Moriarty and Jim may not be the same because Moriarty has the same name. They said it doesn’t mean anything. Scott is Moriarty and is dead.


Gatiss was asked, “What project if you worked on if you had a blank check”: I’d pay those people [the band playing outside] to shut the f**k up. What more can we ask for working with Sherlock and Doctor Who?

The conversations was hilarious. Watch the video and see! 😀

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