Eidos Montreal founder resigns amid issues with Square



Eidos Montreal founder and general manager Stephane D’Astous has informed press that he has resigned from his company as of this past Friday, according to a report on Polygon.

In a statement, D’Astous said that he made his decision to leave the company on account of various conflicts with their parent company Square Enix Europe. He cited SE’s “lack of leadership, lack of courage and the lack of communication” when it came to dealing with decisions on what to do as reasons for his departure. Eidos Montreal has been developing the Thief reboot, which has taken five years to make on account of corporate politics in the higher up positions and the departure of key members during development. The studio is also responsible for the recent Dues Ex games, Human Revolution and The Fall.

In an interview with Polygon, D’Astous said of Square Enix that “Square Enix makes great games,” but “has some things to learn about how to sell their games.” D’Astous’s position as GM will be filled by David Anfossi, producer for the new Deus Ex games. It is not known at this time if his departure will affect the current plans for Thief, which is currently due to be released in 2014.

Square Enix reported an “extraordinary loss” back in their financial reports in March, which followed with the departure of then CEO Yoichi Wada. The company then went through widespread layoffs in April during a company-wide restructuring. SE has yet to comment on this recent turn of events.

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