Nerd HQ: Conversations with a Cause 2013: Doctor Who

NerdHQ Doctor Who

NerdHQ worked with several shows to earn money for Operation Smile. The Doctor Who panel, hosted by Nathan Fillion, consisted of Matt Smith, Jenna Coleman and Steven Moffat. 

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They discussed when they first heard about the opportunities for Doctor Who. Smith’s mom and agent told him to audition for Doctor Who. He read for John Watson for Sherlock but then did audition for The Doctor. He just did an audition for Fresh Meat and got the part for The Doctor. Coleman was shopping in a supermarket and holding an avocado when she got the call. She didn’t know how to process it and left the avocado.

They had to keep it a secret. Smith had to hold it and an well known actress asked him what he had planned and he had to say “nothing.”

Moffat congratulated previous headwriter Russell T. Davies for the new Who and Davies offered Moffat to write a two-part episode. His episodes went really well and got an email from Davies saying he should take over Who. So he did.

Cosplay was talked about. Smith loves the cosplayers for Who.

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The cast were asked what they wanted to do before they died “Bucket List”.

Smith: I’ll start with Jennifer Lawrence. Then conquer the idea of time travel. Do you know Brian Cox, the scientist? I saw him and he told me traveling forward in time is potentially an option. It’s traveling back which is hard.

Moffat: Well, how do you think you got here from this morning? Course it is.

Smith joked, “See, this is what I have to deal with… this constant cleverness. I don’t know. What do you want to do before I die. You’re nearly there, Moff.”

Moffat: “Not a near as you are in the script I am writing.”

Moffat said he’d travel in space. Smith added, “I’d like to own a dog.”

During the Q&A, Moffat received a call from Mark Gatiss and he picked up.

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There was a moment where a little girl was crying about Smith leaving and her name was Sydney.

Smith: “Sydney… Like the cont… country – city. I had a long night at Nerd HQ.

When asked what Smith had planned next, he said he may come live in the states for a bit. :::crosses fingers:::

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Also, there will never be a crossover with Doctor Who and Sherlock. Sorry, guys.

Later, fans kept calling Steven Moffat, “Moffat”.

He points out, “Matt. Jenna. Moffat. I have a first name. Moffat. That’s what people call me. Jenna dropped her middle name. I’m gonna steal it. Im gonna be Stevenffat.”

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