Lucas and Spielberg say video games are not art


Update: The source article is from a parody site. Instead of taking it down, we still want you guys to discuss on the topic about video games being art.

Here we go again!

If you haven’t heard already this week, sci-fi film industry icons Steven Spielberg and George Lucas have just joined the company of Hideo Kojima and Roger Ebert in the belief that video games are not an art form. The two founders of nerdom conversed last Saturday at an indie film festival panel where the two were scheduled to talk about film and other forms of media.

At one point during the discussion, the two directors talked about other mediums that they believe are inferior to film as an art from. To which someone asked in the audience what they thought of video games as an art form.

“The problem with games is the controller. The second you get the controller something turns off in the heart, and it becomes a sport. Scientific studies on the human heart confirm this.” – Steven Spielberg

Steven Spielberg talked about his experience working as lead designer on the title Boom Blox for Nintendo Wii.

“Boom Blox was intended to be a moving story about a man who suffers from the untimely death of his wife, and who has to reconcile himself with the idea of love. However, once the game controller was involved, Boom Blox turned into a game about blowing up blocks that look like farm animals. This is why games can’t be art.”

the-walking-dead-screenshot-2Star Wars’ very own creator also talked about Microsoft’s Kinect and the frustration he experienced trying to use the device.

“When I first tried the Kinect I played in poorly lit conditions, so the device didn’t recognize all of my gestures. I got frustrated, then I started to feel upset, then angry. That camera made me feel. Now, that’s art.”

When asked if either of the two highly distinguished gentlemen had ever played the likes of Telltale’s The Walking Dead, Journey or more recently, The Last of Us. Steven Spielberg sarcastically replied:

“No, I haven’t tried those games, but if they use a controller then they simply cannot be as artistic and daring as Indiana Jones IV.”

As a long time fan of Steven Spielberg this is very upsetting to hear. I kind of expect it from Lucas, but not Spielberg. Especially since he has been involved in video game from the get go. The very first Medal of Honor game’s story was written by Steven Spielberg. And now, he’s developing a Halo TV series?

Interesting? Do you think video games are a valid art form? Let us know in the comment section below.

Source: Pixeled Courier

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