Stimulate your inner PTSD with the real life Resident Evil experience


This came out of hiding about a little while ago but we still wanted to make sure word got out to our Resident Evil fans before it is phased out after this summer.

Osaka, Japan is the source of the outbreak, but luckily this time Umbrella has a handle on it. Universal Studies Japan recently opened a new experience called Biohazard: The Real (Biohazard being the name of the franchise in Japan). Instead of the pop out and scare haunted houses that most haunts do, this one differs since guests are each empowered with guns and a limited supply of ammo to disperse.

Groups of 8 go through the maze at a time so keep your trusty friends close. After a walkthrough re-creation of Racoon City in the first stage, the final stage takes place in an Umbrella Research Facility. At 5 to 10 minutes in duration, this is fairly quick attraction, but still a very welcome addition to video game love from a major amusement park.¬†Won’t be long before the targets in Disneyland’s Astro Blasters start shooting back, so get your training in now.



SOURCE: Kotaku

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