SDCC 2013: Warner Bros. Q&A Panel for Gravity, The Lego Movie, Godzilla, and 300: Rise of an Empire

San Diego Comic-Con is always the grand show when it comes to releasing information on coming titles, and it looks like we won’t be disappointed. Warner Bros. was kind enough to invite us to their panel for their upcoming movie releases this year, and it’s going to be HUGE. They’ve got an all-star lineup in movies that I think everyone should definitely watch.















is a survival-thriller where Sandra Bullock and George Clooney play as astronauts who fight to stay alive out in the middle of the void of space. If you’ve seen the movie trailer it looks very intense. During the Q&A panel session, director Alfonso Cuaron didn’t reveal too much more than what we already know about the film. He did state that because we now have the technology of filming in proper 3D, he was able to get certain shots and angles to portray the vast feeling of being completely alone in space. You get a sick sense of this feeling from the trailer, when you see Sandra’s character flailing about in the middle nowhere and screaming for help. Sandra’s answers to her questions were fairly lighthearted. She was asked about how it was working with George Clooney and she stated that it was great as always, since she’s known George Clooney for a long time now. When asked about her on-set antics and pulling pranks on people, she stated that there was a “truce” and was unable to do any of that since she was in rigging most of the time during filming. By the way, Sandra Bullock still looks stunning as always. Gravity will be released October 4th 2013.

The Lego Movie

















The Lego Movie is a story of a normal Lego figure, who is falsely thought to be the “MasterBuilder” and is then recruited to stop an evil tyrant from gluing the Lego universe together. Of the upcoming titles spoken about, this was the one that threw me off completely. I never expected to see an actual LEGO movie despite there being TV shows and video games. Phil Lord, Chris Miller, and Chris McKay who were at the panel, answered a question about this stating that the idea itself came after their movie 21 Jump Street. They didn’t really answer why they did it, but they did say that they were very passionate about the project itself. Phil Lord also stated that whatever franchises the normal Lego universe has tapped into, they were able to incorporate those IPs into their movie somehow. They stated that Superman, who will be voiced by Channing Tatum, is in the movie along with Wonder Woman and Green Lantern. They could not state who else was in the movie, but I’m going to guess that perhaps The Avengers, The Lord of the Rings, and perhaps Star Wars, are probably included in this mix. It’s going to be interesting to see how these characters are going to interact with each other. The Lego Movie will be released February 7th 2014.

























Godzilla is a movie about….wait, do I really need to explain to you who or what Godzilla is? If I do, you’ve probably been living under a rock all these years. Gareth Edwards who was at the panel, along with Bryan Cranston, Aaron Taylor Johnson, and Elizabeth Olsen, spoke mainly about why there is still an interest in Godzilla. He said that there is a huge and interesting universe that Godzilla resides in and he wanted to explore this. Gareth and Bryan also spoke about the character investment within the movie. I believe they’re talking about the human element and how they deal with this gigantic monster (or monsters?) and its actual existence. I personally asked Gareth if he would use any of the other Toho monsters in a future Godzilla sequel if possible. He answered that he’d love to explore the “monster island” where all these Godzilla-type creatures exist if possible, because he finds it absolutely fascinating. The elephant in the room was Pacific Rim, and Gareth said that he loved that movie and didn’t show any resentment towards it even though they’re in the same genre. The entire cast was still very closed-lipped about what they could and could not say about the movie since they are still filming. For the people that saw the trailer this year at SDCC, they showed other monsters in the clip, however Gareth again would not reveal anything about it and kept changing the subject towards Cranston when this occurred. I guess with the limited information that we have, we’re all going to have to wait it out in anticipation for this blockbuster. Godzilla will be released in theaters on May 16th 2014. 

300: The Rise of an Empire














300: Rise of an Empire is based on the Frank Miller comic that is a prequel to the 2006 hit 300, which was originally directed by Zack Snyder. The story revolves around Themistocles, played by Sullivan Stapleton, and the Greek states as they band together to stop the Persian fleet on the high seas. Noam Murro, Rodrigo Santoro, Eva Green, and Sullivan were in attendance to the panel. Immediately upon sitting down, Noam Murro, the new director, was asked how much of the original visual style was incorporated into this new movie. Murro stated that there was enough “DNA” from the original to be able to work with and use as reference for this title since 300 is one of his favorite films. I guess we can expect the sea battles to have its slow motion killing visuals which gets me hyped! Eva Green seemed excited about her role as Artemisia because of the character’s ruthless nature. She said that it’s her first time being very physical for an action movie. Hopefully she can fill in the villain role appropriately. The vibe that I got from Rodrigo was a little different though. When answering a question about Xerxes, he didn’t sound as excited about revisiting a role that he’s already done. Of course he didn’t actually say those words, but with answers stating that he had to change small things in Xerxes to make it fresh again, I think we got the hint; although I’m just speculating this. Sullivan on the other hand seemed happy to be on the panel. I asked him if he did the same type of grueling physical regiment that the original cast went through, and he said it was similar. About 10 weeks prior to filming is when he started working out, and it always started with an hour of warm ups which he stated was difficult even though he already had a six-pack. As with some of the other films, there wasn’t any real new information released at this time about it. Only that it will still vibe with the original movie, and that there are action filled scenes with blood and gore; perhaps more-so this time around. 300: Rise of an Empire releases March 7th 2014.

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