Wildstar: The Chua and Mordish races announced.

Today at San Diego Comic Con, Carbine studios reveal the last two playable races for the much anticipated MMORPG Wildstar. We’ve been waiting for this a while and I have to say, the delivery is great. Check out the hilarious reveal video below.

Joining the Dominion we have the Chua, a race of over-sized mutant hamsters with an overwhelming knack for technological mayhem.

Totally not Ziggs from League of Legends

As for the Exiles, we have the Mordish. Robotics and bio-engineering combine in a glorious symphony of flesh and steel.

Mordish, yup.

But seriously, here are what they look like.

A Chua Spellslinger?


A Mordish.


With the last races shown, classes revealed, and paths explained, I have to say that this MMO has me very excited. We patiently await Wildstar’s release and in the meantime will continue to try for a beta pass (Carbine plz). More info on races at http://www.wildstar-online.com/en/the-game/races/

What class will you be playing once Wildstar launches? Tell us in the comments below!

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