Bid for Greatness


Sony has started an auction for costumes and props used in their commercial, Greatness Awaits (Check out the video below). The items range from concept art to infected clicker costume to KillZone: Shadow Fall Helghast Sniper Suit and many more. The best part of this is that no money will be spent. The only thing you can put towards a bid is Gold Trophies from your account name, which is an awesome thing to do.

Not many people can afford these items, so by using your Gold Trophies as payment, it is a great way to get lots of fans involved in it. I, unfortunately, do not have enough to bid on a single item. I just don’t game as often as I can, but seeing this makes me happy.

Check out the video below and go to the site for the list of items you can bid on. Some have already finished and one is ongoing.

Source: BidForGreatness

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