Brawl in the Family celebrates 500 comics with some Mega love

Prodigal RobotVideo game webcomic Brawl in the Family is celebrating their 500th strip today after weeks of preparation, doing so with a short animation about the rise, fall, and recent rise again of everyone’s favorite Blue Bomber.

The video, titled Prodigal Robot, chronicles Mega Man’s rise in popularity from the early NES days, all through the later games as his fame took a turn, the neglect he has received from Capcom, all the way to his recently announced return as a guest character in the new Smash Bros. game. All the while catchy remixes of music from the original Mega Man games plays appropriately in the background, and numerous other game characters make cameos. You know you’re having a rough time if Boogerman is the only person coming to your celebration parties.

Check the video out either below or on the comic’s website. BitF will be updating regularly again in August.


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