LG Optimus G Pro (E980 Model) review


Here’s a short list of what this phone won’t do:

-Make toast

-Automatically bring home hot women for you

-Raise the dead

Trust me it was a lot easier to write that list instead of what this phone can do, which is a crap ton. Seriously this thing does damn near anything you want it to. But the most pressing question had to be answered first, which is something that you rarely see in a phone review these days:

“Does it work as a phone?”

Yes. Yes it does. Unfortunately though it’s only available through AT&T, which really is a disappointment, but the quality from calls (both you and the person on the other end) is damn good and the volume is pretty high at max, so there’s no worrying about not being able to hear who you’re talking with. The battery has an insane amount of life. I didn’t charge this thing for like 3 days and it started at 100% and I ended up finally charging it at like 7%.

Now as far as the physical part of the phone itself, this is a beast of a phone, measuring 6in x 3in., which is a considerable size bigger than most phones I’m used. I never really found it to be a problem, however, it’s a person by person basis. My fiance took a look at it, and she said she couldn’t fit it into her pockets and would have no choice but to leave it in her purse if she ever went out. But considering the screen almost encompasses the entire size of the phone, it’s easy to let the size thing go, especially the picture quality of it.

But you’re not here to talk about the size of the phone, you’re here for the good stuff, so let’s just jump right into it: This is close to the lazy man’s perfect phone. You can control damn near every electronic device in your house with it like your TV, A/C, Projectors, watch and listen to all your favorite music and videos with ease thanks to its idiot-proof drag and drop interface via Android software, and as a bonus it DOESN’T require you to convert your high quality videos to a different format. Seriously this thing plays .mkv files (High-quality videos but somehow compressed in size) without a hitch. However the one note I should make is for some unknown reason embedded subtitles don’t show up sometimes and I could not figure out why.

This phone also multitasks as well. I put this thing through the test; On a phone call with my fiance, watching a video, browsing the internet without a hiccup on super fast-as-hell 4G and playing games. ALL AT THE SAME TIME! How? Magic. But it also helps that the phone comes with this awesome little feature that lets you make the video “portable”, by giving it it’s own little window that overlays the display, allowing you to move it and resize it as you please.

Browsing the internet while watching Santa Spirit Bomb a group of zombies on Venture Bros. Awesome.

Browsing the internet while watching Santa Spirit Bomb a group of zombies on Venture Bros. Awesome.

Also it comes with a handy “Screenshot Memo” feature, which at the touch of a button, lets you take a quick memo on any screenshot you take (just in case you needed to remember something about it). However I found myself rarely using it, but it’s useful nonetheless. Speaking of pictures, this phone’s got a 13 MP camera on the back and a 2.1 MP camera on the face of it, giving you some pretty damn good quality pics.

Coincidentally I was at the Lone Ranger Premiere the same day I got the phone. The movie is a trainwreck which has scenes of trainwrecks in it. Is that ironic or just funny?

But this phone does have its drawbacks. Besides only being available on AT&T, there are things like low headphone volume and one thing I just can’t overlook, an absurdly long charge time (if you don’t have the “official” cord it came with). I only managed to stumble on this because I was out on the road and needed to charge the phone badly and saw the words “Slow Charging” when I plugged it in. So I went into the battery info and I saw on one of the internal menus how long it would take: from 25% or so it would take 11 HOURS to charge it to full. That’s retarded no matter how you look at it. It’s also expensive as piss if you get it without a contract ($750), but AT&T is offering a deal: Sign with them = this phone is only 100$.

So if you’re in the market for an unbelievably powerful device (which in this case you can call it a device and not just a phone, considering the amount that it can do) and don’t mind being saddled with AT&T for a while (or if you can afford to get it without the contract), don’t hesitate to pick this one up.

I really couldn't think of a better way to end the article.

I really couldn’t think of a better way to end the article.

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