Evolution 2013 starts today in Las Vegas

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Fighting gamers get hyped! The biggest fighting game event of the summer, EVO 2013, is right around the corner! Being held at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas, this year’s line-up is Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition v2012, Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Mortal Kombat 9, Street Fighter x Tekken v2013, King of Fighters 13, Persona 4 Arena, Injustice, and for the first time in 5 years, Super Smash Bros. Melee. This line-up is pretty solid and is definitely going to bring out the best of the FGC.

With the inclusion of Super Smash Bros. Melee, this may be the opening the Super Smash Bros. series needs to see more attention and claim a bigger spotlight. It’s also bringing out some of the best Smash players out including everyone’s favorite Marth main, Ken Hoang. I personally hope the Smash series gets more love and support in the FGC with this.

The Evolution Championship Series has always brought many hype moments. One such hype moment was when Daigo parried every hit of Chun Li’s super when he was one hit from death facing Justin Wong. We’re sure to get some awesome memories from this so tune into EVO 2013 via stream, or attend the very event itself and be a part of the hype

There will be plenty of hype matches to watch with predictions like ChrisG winning Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Infiltration to take Super Street Fighter IV AE 2012, and more.

You can watch all these matches from Twitch.tv or even on Saltybets.com, which allows you to bet fake money on streamed matches.

If you are at home watching the stream, a nice way to enjoy yourself is with a good old pizza, since until July 14th, Papa John’s is having a  weekend special featuring 50% off regular price of a large pizza w/online orders. This is perfect for anyone looking to get a cheap meal, and the timing for this couldn’t be more perfect for anyone hosting EVO stream parties at their pad. So just order up any large pizza and used the promo code SUM50 and enjoy.

Check out all three streams at http://www.multitwitch.tv/srkevo1/srkevo2/srkevo3.

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