Wildstar Devspeak: Aiming

TL;DR – Wildstar’s aiming system is exactly like that in Smite. There, Iv’e said it.

While Carbine Studios claims that they’ve put together a new system called free form targeting, High – Res Studios recent title Smite has had this system implemented for the past year or so. Seeing as how the video mentions attempted aiming systems similar to MOBAs, it’s surprising that Carbine may have overlooked the similarity with this title. Is it a coincidence? Maybe. Here is the video released today demonstrating this new system.

Now take a look the newest god reveal for Chronus, Keeper of Time from Smite. While obvious differences do exist, it seems pretty damn close.

Although I am impressed Wildstar is using such a skill-based system, it doesn’t really perpetuate anything new in the MMORPG genre. Wildstar looks beautiful, smart, and creative, but I am saddened to say that such a core gameplay mechanic is nothing new. We can only hope and see what truly innovative features this title will bring to a genre plagued by safe design.

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