Anime Expo 2013: Noizi Ito Interview


Nerd Reactor had an opportunity to sit down with Noizi Ito (いとうのいぢ) at Anime Expo 2013 and talk about her work and influences. A popular illustrator and character designer whose works include Shakugan no Shana and The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Ito-san has also worked on games, including the new title in the Shining Force series, Shining force Feather. Check out our interview below!

NR: How did you get started as an illustrator?

Noizi: When I was coming out to find a job, I had an interview with a game company and was able to get a job there. Later, a novel publisher saw my works on the game packages and said “We’d like you to come work with us”. And that’s the history of my job.

NR: What kind of game company was it?

Noizi: It was a company called UNISONSHiFT.


NR: Among all your works, was there one in particular that you enjoyed working on the most?

Noizi: That’s certainly a difficult question, I have strong feelings for all of my works. So I can’t really pick one.

NR: As an artist, what do you do so you don’t stay complacent about your work?

Noizi: I try to take the central points of my recent work and research extensively until I feel that I am comfortable with the subject.

NR: You’ve drawn a lot of fanart for other titles that you aren’t associated with, are you big fans of these other works?

Noizi: Unfortunately, I’ve been busy recently so I haven’t really been playing games that much. That said, there’s a game called Okami that I’m about halfway through. It’s about a white wolf god.

NR: I do! I’m a fan of the game as well!


NR: Is there somebody that you would like to collaborate with in the future?

Noizi: There is, but I’m too afraid to mention because I don’t believe I’m worthy enough.

NR: Not even a hint?

Noizi: They’re currently working on the animation of Space Battleship Yamato.

NR: The new remake correct? (Referring to Space Battleship Yamato 2199)

Noizi: Yes! It’s Yuuki Nobuteru (He is a legendary artist that worked on Escaflowne, The Five Star Stories, Record of Lodoss War, Chrono Cross, to name a few).


NR: What would you say were your influences?

Noizi: Game characters for one, and there’s an artist by the name of Yun Kouga, the character designer for Gundam 00, have been very influential to me. She is also a female artist.

NR: A question from a fan, have you ever deleted or forgot to save a crucial piece of work? And if so, how did you deal with it?

Noizi: (Laughs) It’s happened before. When it does, I just go to sleep and not think about it.

NR: Before we wrap this up, could you tell us what kind nerdy hobbies do you have?

Noizi:  I use to be a game and anime nerd.

NR: That’s a given, but do you have any particular nerdy hobbies we might not know about?

Noizi: (Long Pause) Birds!

NR: A Bird nerd! That’s really cool. Thank you again for the interview and I hope you enjoy the rest of Anime-Expo!

Noizi: Thank you!

Special thanks to Anime Expo’s Press Team for arranging the interview and providing a translator!

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