Fight Game Community helps get Kevin ‘Dieminion’ Landon to EVO


Every year well known players around the world, as well as rising stars, gather in Las Vegas to compete in Evolution (EVO) for huge cash payouts and the chance to be the best player in the world. These players will compete in games like Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition 2013, King of Fighters XIII, Smash Bros, and 5 other games.

Quite possibly the best Guile (Street Fighter) in the world, Kevin Landon, known by his gamertag Dieminion, had previously posted that he would not be able to make it to CEO (Community Effort Orlando), the final fighting game tournament in the road to EVO. He never specified why, and he later posted on his Facebook that he might not be making it to EVO.

Due to circumstances , I am announcing with great sadness that I will not be participating at the Evolution 2013 World Finals.

In the end his passion to compete won. He didn’t want to ask for help but he knew he needed it so bad. He asked the Fighting Game Community to help him out. What he needed to raise was $1,500 for last-minute airfare and a few other things.

FANS, SUPPORTERS & WARRIORS !! I am humbly asking for your help to get me to @evo2k. I want to win EVO!

@JWonggg @CEOJebailey @EvilMrWizard I’ve decided to go to EVO ! I just can’t miss it.

It took a lot from me to ask for donations . I am very prideful and I did accept that fact that I may miss @evo2k this year.

Within a few hours more than 57 donators helped him reach his goal, and he went to his Twitter account and let everyone know he was going to EVO and closed the Wepay fundraiser, since he met his goal.

It’s great that the fighting game community can help each other. Imagine that Kevin Landon has probably never met any of these people, but through tournament and weekly streams, they can watch him and believe in his skills enough to donate. Although he was a sponsored player, so that means something must have happened.

Kevin will be entering EVO as FGC|Dieminion.


The people deserve an explanation on this matter. It will be told soon.

CoolGrayAJ: Serious question – if this donation drive goes through, will you PLEASE go as FGC.Di3mini0n instead of VXG/EMP?

Dieminion: Hell yeah!

I reached the goal! This is magical for me and I had low expectations. Please do NOT donate any more money.

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