Rogue Legacy, it’ll kick your ass! (Review)


Ever played a game and got frustrated because you couldn’t beat a certain boss or level, since your character wasn’t high enough of a level to do it?


Rogue Legacy not only kicks your ass around the block several hundred times, but it gives damn good reason for doing so (and not just because of a little thing like being under leveled either). What kind of reasons you may ask? How about vertigo, irritable bowel syndrome, or dwarfism? You name it, you’ll have it! Sort of.

Apparently, Alektrophobia causes healing chickens to run around and hurt you.

Apparently, Alektorphobia causes healing chickens to run around and hurt you.

Perhaps I’m getting a little ahead of myself, I guess I should start from the beginning. Rogue Legacy is a 2D adventure platformer that brings back memories of Castlevania and combines the frustration and setting of Super Ghouls N’ Ghosts, but with a unique catch. Every time you die, your “descendant” continues the quest! Your descendants have a number of “traits” that they can be saddled with in any number of combinations, for example, a son with gigantism and ADHD or a daughter who’s a lesbian with irritable bowel syndrome and is color blind. The funny thing is some of these traits have a massive effect on the game. Color blindness, for example, will have everything (except for the map and manor) becoming black and white. Plus the dungeon changes up every time you die, so it’s never the same place twice!


I swear that chest was here last time…

After you choose which descendant to continue the story with, you get a chance to upgrade your family’s “manor”. Basically it’s a big-ass castle that houses upgrades of every sort, including new classes like Shinobi and Mages (which can be upgraded to Hokage’s and SpellSwords). Not to mention, you’ll be able to unlock the various weapons and runes to boost your stats and give you special abilities like quad-jumps and flight. Unfortunately you have to spend as much as you can because before you can get back into the dungeon, you have to a pay a toll…every gold coin you have.


Shouldn’t it be Grave Digger? How do you make money digging a corpse?

Getting back to the difficulty, this game is relentless in handing your ass to you over and over and over again. Everything hits you like a truck, even the low level enemies. Don’t even get me started on the bosses. Sometimes you have to purposely die so that you can get a better or different class just to beat it! Although one little saving grace is the architect, who can lock down the layout of the dungeon so you don’t have to search all over again, albeit he takes a 30% cut out of all the gold you get during that run.


I am SO screwed…

So if you think you’ve got what it takes to beat this game or even get to the first boss, give it a try. Considering it’s only $15 on Steam, it’s a hell of a good price for a challenge like this!

Grade: A-


  • Difficult as all hell but NOT impossible!
  • Classic Platforming with excellent controls


  • Some traits completely outweigh some others (ADHD is awesome, vertigo makes everything upside down >< )
  • Soundtrack is small
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