Japanese rice paddy art including Naruto


Being born in a country that had many rice paddies and being a consumer of various types of rice, I never thought that this could be the next wave of art. These are called “Tanbo art” (田んぼアート) or rice paddy art. Just look at all these different types of designs that are done on the paddies. When I see these I think of those “crop circles” that happen here in America but, in my opinion, this is better.

These are not just dyed rice stalks, these are actually different strains of rice. Like most pieces of this size, it is done by hundreds of people all working together to make sure everything’s okay. The rice is planted in Spring and harvested in Fall. So just before harvest, the dyes change color and the image changes with the seasons.

Now this is not a new thing. It started in the 1990s in the Aomori Prefecture as a way to revamp itself, which in turn boosted tourism. This happens in many Prefectures, not just in Aomori. So while this is not new to Japan, the “geeky/otaku” side of the art is. It all started with a tweet of a rice field with Naruto pictured on the field.

As you can see from the pictures, it varies from Eastern art to Western art to geeky/otaku art.


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Source: Blog.Livedoor.jp, Hatena, Aomori-Miryoku

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