The Evil Within, can Shinji Mikami scare us again?

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The Evil Within crept into my E3 2013 schedule, allowing me to see the developers play through a small section of the game. What would the man, Shinji Mikami, who had a hand in the creation of Resident Evil have in store for this generation? With horror games making a little bit of a comeback via the Dead Space series, Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Slender Man and others, perhaps now is the perfect time for the god of video game horror to resurface.

the evil within e3 2013

In the demo that was shown to us, the protagonist Sebastian is a detective who quickly finds himself in a precarious position. He luckily is able to escape being tied upside down, in line to be slaughtered. Ill-equipped after being captured, his only recourse is to sneak around whilst a larger-than-usual man skulks around a dirty, dark hospital room.

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It’s in this room that Sebastian must grab the key that will allow him to move on. The large man saunters back and forth between rooms, giving Sebastian just enough time to snatch the key and silently slink back to the shadows. Sebastian somehow sets off an alarm that sends the game into a chase sequence. Sebastian encounters a room with blades protruding from both sides. They are closing in on him and he only narrowly escapes to the far door in front of him.

Sebastian is then further chased by the large man who is now wielding a chainsaw. Sebastian hides in a locker, Metal Gear-style, hoping to not be found. As if attempting to get the player to panic and give up their hiding spot, the chainsaw-wielding man ominously shreds through a nearby object. He violently swings the chainsaw as he leaves the room.

This is about the amount of the game that I was able to see. Unfortunately, there was a cabin section that would have displayed some of the combat aspects of the game, but it froze a few times as Sebastian made his way down some stairs. To me, the room with the blades and the locker section felt a bit too predetermined to be scary. Sebastian being the protagonist, there was no way that he wouldn’t be able to get out in time as the blades closed in. However, this simply being a demonstration to get a sense of what the game could be like (and with so many problems occurring at E3 regarding crashing demos), I will give Tango Gameworks the benefit of the doubt. Based on screenshots and other information about the game, it seems like The Evil Within could be a mix of action from Resident Evil 4, with survival and darker elements from the original Resident Evil. With that in mind, this could turn out to be something really special.

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