Fire Emblem: Awakening’s 1/7th Scale Tharja from Max Factory

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There aren’t a lot of Fire Emblem collectibles out on the market, but Max Factory plans on changing that. While I would have loved to see a Chrom or a Lucina from Awakening, there are no complaints with the Dark Mage Tharja 1/7th scale statue.

Focusing on the sexiest character in the game, Tharja doesn’t need to cast a curse on you to make you notice her, as she gives off a sexy pose leaning on her stack of books, complete with a red skull for decoration. She is in every way provocative, showing off her goods.

Tharja is amazingly detailed, and her amazing figure bent over doesn’t scream Fire Emblem, but it does show she is a star of her own, and probably leaves you glad you recruited her and had her in your main party. I know I wanted one.

Confirmed as a Japanese only release in December 2013, Tharja will run about $120.

From the Nintendo 3DS game, ‘Fire Emblem: Awakening’ comes a figure of the the Dark Mage who hails from Plegia, Tharja! She is posed with a sexy gaze across her face and her proportions which are considered the ‘best in the army’ have been faithfully kept in figure form. She also wears a beautiful regal cape which has been carefully sculpted to help bring out her character even more.

The stand also features intricate detail, with a large pile of magic books for her to lean on, and an ominous skull placed at the bottom to truly bring out the atmosphere of the Fire Emblem world!

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Images and Source: Mikatan’s Good Smile Blog

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