Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2 Impressions

One game I am really excited for in Winter 2013, is the epic finale to the Lords of Shadow saga, Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2; brought to us by MercurySteam and Konam. The Castlevania series has had plenty of installments under its belt, and it’s sad to see MercurySteam ending the current series after the second title (aside from the 3DS title), but they have huge plans for Gabriel. MercurySteam has decided to focus on the story of Dracula, who has always been that one opponent that would only appear in the end of nearly almost all Castlevania game and never really had much of story himself.

The first Lords of Shadow was just an amazing adventure with a twist that you didn’t see coming and had a completely new gameplay style similar to that of God of War. With the upcoming epic conclusion to the Lords of Shadow Saga, Konami and MercurySteam plan on taking players to a whole new world never seen by the hardcore Castlevania fans and newcomers alike.

Lords of Shadow 2 uses the Mercury Engine 2, focusing on gorgeous graphics and removal of load times in a world where you can freely explore locations, giving you the opportunity to chose your own path. This I think will make your game experience even better, by being able to replay stages and explore new areas all the time.


The E3 demo has you playing as Dracula aka Gabriel Belmont, as he is attacked by the Brotherhood of Light. This is same the people who he once fought for and gave his life to that now seeks to kill the “Prince of Darkness.” Gabriel is equipped with the blood whip as he battles opponents. Weakening them allows you to grab them and enter a quicktime event, which if successful allows you to drain them of their blood, restoring your life. Dracula also carries the Void Sword, which absorbs enemies life force with every successful attack, as well as the Chaos Claws, which are a powerful pair of gauntlets that break through enemies defenses. These can all be quickly cycled through with the press of the shoulder buttons.

The demo has you exploring Dracula’s castle, as the Brotherhood is laying siege to it and destroying it. You’re also equipped with a sense that allows you to know what items you can interact with and gives hints on where you can go. Upon making it outside, a giant machine similar to a mini-boss called the Gold Paladin awaits and attacks you. Dracula then begins climbing the giant, tower-sized machine and taking it apart piece by piece. Climbing and dismantling the machine is like a giant puzzle, as you must use your enemies and surroundings as weapons, while skillfully climbing and getting past the traps which itself is pretty fun.

The combat is similar to the first Lords of Shadow with all new weapons and abilities. The light and shadow magic have being replaced with Void & Chaos Magic. It’s time to play as the other side of the Castlevania series, as now you can be the one draining your opponents as Dracula rather than killing him as the final boss.


In the story, Zobek (voiced by Patrick Stewart) returns centuries after the events of Lords of Shadow and warns Gabriel that Satan will once again awaken. While Gabriel has self exiled himself from everyone and everything, Zobek has lived with the humans the whole time. Lords of Shadow 2 will take place in both present and in the past, diving deeper into Gabriel’s story.

MercurySteam did a great job with the demo. I am more excited for the game than ever, just from what I’ve seen from the demo. I also want to see what’s in store for the game, including the return of Alucard.

Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2 will release Winter 2013.




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