An interview with adult actress and gamer girl Bella-Nikole Black

I had the pleasure of conducting an interview with adult actress and gamer Bella-Nikole Black, who’s quickly rising as an Adult Entertainer and really enjoys gaming and its community. She has starred in multiple films and worked in a League of Legends parody, with quite a resume under her belt. In this interview, I really get to dig in to her life and passion and found her to be quite charming and knowledgeable in the ways of a nerd. Yes, I did just say she loves sex, she loves video games, and she’s charming! What’s not to like about her?

Robert Galvan (Nerd Reactor): So Bella, word on the street is that you have been a hardcore game for a pretty long time?

Bella-Nikole Black: When I was in high school I used to play Counter-strike for an all-girl clan called “*|Ms GiRLz|*” … mainly shanks, my tag was ST|2aW|3e!2|2y for my love of the Strawberry Shortcake cartoon. I played so much at this internet cafe that the owner just let me play for free and would even let me play after it closed. I started working at Best Buy then and stayed for 5 years. I moved on from PC gaming to consoles…and have owned every console since NES. Right now I’m on Xbox 360 probably 4 to 6 hours a day playing COD or Final Fantasy (at the moment). I already have master prestige in Black Ops 2, so I started over to get diamond on all my guns and all of the unlocks/challenges. I love playing COD with fans and my game tag is simple: bellanikoleblk … as long as there is friend space I’ll add fans if they message me and let me know.

Nerd Reactor: Yeah, I noticed your Amazon Wish list consists of a mix of items including more gaming stuff.

Bella-Nikole Black: Amazon wish list! I loooovvveeee getting gaming gear from there…probably more than anything sex related…I can’t wait to see what is going to happen with COD Ghosts and GTA V. My favorite game of all time is Final Fantasy X for PS2. I think I literally beat that three times playing until the sun came up making coke floats and eating popcorn [laughing].

Nerd Reactor: Since you are a gamer, what do you think about the Xbox One and PlayStation 4?

Bella-Nikole Black: I already have a friggin’ cable box!!! [Laughing] It’s like they’re trying to make it this all-in-one entertainment system and stuff, but why?! So we get more power which I’m sure won’t do a damn thing for the lag in multiplayer gaming. Bigger hard drives but with cloud and the old hard drive, I know I haven’t had a problem with space. The only thing that I like from Xbox One is that it finally will play Blu-ray. Other than that I’m definitely not going to be standing in line for them until prices go down. Oh and I don’t like that Xbox is making the hard drive non-removable again. That’s such a pain to transfer data rather than just switching hard drives if you need to. Either way, I’ll still go Xbox before I go PS4.

Nerd Reactor: What influenced you to take part in the League of Legends adult film parody?

Bella-Nikole Black: I had a friend in the industry I love working with and he wanted to shoot content. I had no idea what we were doing before I got there and then they told me I was going to be Riven… I was so excited! I told the director he had no idea how perfect the scene would be, and normally I have a hard time playing out the character, but with her… it only took one take. I told the director to book me for any and all gaming shoots he could. Needless to say he agreed! Ironically, I’m scared of bunnies, but I was so excited I didn’t even care. Alice in Wonderland screwed me over as a kid [laughing].

Nerd Reactor: What if you could be another game character in another film?

Bella-Nikole Black: If I could be another character, I’d want to be Vanille from Final Fantasy XIII…. that bitch is so innocently hot it’s crazy! Or bring it old school and be Lulu from Final Fantasy X. I love the dark magic.

Nerd Reactor: So if you could play any comic book character in an adult parody, who would you be and why?

Bella-Nikole Black: SYDNEY SAVAGE!

Nerd Reactor: So you know your comic books then, even the independent ones! Why her?

Bella-Nikole Black: Ummm, because she’s fucking hot. She kinda reminds me of myself and I like reading about her, and if I could get her costume, that would make one hell of a scene! 

Nerd Reactor: Do you enjoy reading?

Bella-Nikole Black: If there’s a series that involves fairies, vampires, werewolves, shapeshifters, witches…whatever…I’ve probably read them. I’m a sucker for “young adult fantasy books”

Nerd Reactor: What are the common questions your fans ask you?

Bella-Nikole Black: Sexually? Typically how’d I started, favorite position, craziest scene, who I want to work with, favorite scene?

Nerd Reactor: How about how’d you start, who would you want to work with, and how long have you been in the industry?

Bella-Nikole Black: My husband and I were doing some swinger stuff on Adult Friend Finder… I ran across Lexington Steele’s page and met up with him. After we hooked up he was like, “Here are some agencies. You’ve got to get in the biz,” which lead me to who I’d like to work with. Besides Lex and I hooking up for fun, I have yet to do a scene with him. I would love to shoot with him or for mercenary. Shane Diesel was on my to-do list, but I recently got that fulfilled, and the scene will be out soon through Digital Sin. I’ve been in the industry for about 9 months to a year.

Nerd Reactor: What’s the craziest thing a fan has asked?

Bella-Nikole Black: I had a fan offer to buy all kinds of crazy (and illegal) stuff from me… ranging from my dog’s poop to used toilet paper, to dirty socks… I don’t even remember how I responded but it was some intellectual answer so I wouldn’t hurt his feelings about biological waste being illegal to mail…yuck.

Nerd Reactor: Speaking of Biological fluids, I also read that you have been nicknamed something pretty original and funny “The Semen Demon”.

Bella-Nikole Black: LOL! That’s kind of a joke for me and some directors… I love to swallow… LOVE to swallow. Most of the time I request to, which is I guess not common [laughing], so I typically get names like that or “cum slut”, etc. Some scenes even get tailored so that there will be two drops (cum shots), so I get to swallow at least one for my enjoyment.

Nerd Reactor: So what do you think of the recent issue with Liz Katz, her past, and her IndieGoGo?

Bella-Nikole Black: It’s wrong to take advantage of people period. To request a fundraiser for something, okay, I’m broke. I kind of get it… BUT I find that if fans want to buy something for you, that should be their decision. If I were to say raise money for something from a site, I would GIVE the site the content that I raised the money for, if that makes sense. Typically, when fans choose to buy something for me off my wish list or offer to buy me something off my wish list… I always send them back something to show I appreciate their support, whether it is a photo wearing what they purchased, a personal card, whatever.

Anything and everything you do, you have to remember thousands, if not more, are paying attention. So you better have the courage to be yourself and be honest. If it’s just for content (the photos), like your own site, typically you’re already contracted with a director who gets a cut from the scene (but they don’t charge to shoot). If she shot the scene herself, that’s ridiculous because there are TONS of small “low-budget” companies with the equipment to shoot. They will even pay to shoot it if they can get shared content (own rights to the content too). Also, generally you don’t pay photographers unless it’s for exclusive content and even that… a photographer in the industry might cost you say $200? If the photographer gets to keep the photos for his/her use, they pay you to take the pictures

Nerd Reactor: Makes sense!

Bella-Nikole Black: Fans are the most important thing in this business. If you’re disrespectful, like to use people, and are not personable, you’ll go nowhere.

Nerd Reactor: Are there any questions you would like to answer? Maybe something you’ve always wanted to bring up but haven’t had a chance to?

Bella-Nikole Black:  Yes! Everyone, especially on Twitter, ALWAYS asks me if my husband’s a cuckold or if I will do cuckolding with him on camera. NO! Although my husband enjoys that I am in porn, watches my videos, and is sometimes allowed on set, by no means is he a cuckold. I also have a very difficult time when I do these scenes because I’m not one to humiliate a man or talk down to one. I’m too nice for that. I have done ONE cuckold scene for Digital Sin, and we literally kept having to cut so I could say sorry [laughing]. My husband is a marine, and most marines like him are Alpha. With that being said, when it comes to my personal sex life with my husband, I definitely play the submissive role, not the other way around.

Nerd Reactor: When will we see you at the Adult Video Network Adult Entertainment Expo?

Bella-Nikole Black: Ha! Hopefully soon. [smiling]

End of Interview

If you want to find out more about her, check her social media accounts. She just created a Facebook and is becoming quite popular on Twitter, where she consistently posts pictures that are errr…enticing. She was also nice enough to link us to a site that has some of her films for free! So shoot her a tweet or add her on Xbox Live!

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