New Injustice trailer tells you to kneel before Zod

vlcsnap-2013-06-21-08h45m07s253It seems like either NetherRealm studios is contractually obligated to help promote the new Man of Steel movie featuring Superman, or the timing of this latest Injustice DLC reveal is just too spot on. Either way, the villains will be getting a welcome face on their side, as the fearsome General Zod will be joining their ranks in July straight from the Phantom Zone.

Being a Kryptonian from under the yellow sun as well, Zod has a lot of the same powers that Superman does, although he employs them in different manners. His heat vision, for example, is more of a combo extender instead of a zoning tool, while his frost breath causes a knockdown instead of freezing. Zod also doesn’t fly around as much as Superman does, preferring to walk on the ground with his hands behind his back in an arrogant manner. He does have some unique skills as a result of being in the Phantom Zone, such as the ability to summon phantoms that float behind the opponent and attack them occasionally, as well as a healthy supply of high tech weaponry. Oh, and he can drive his opponent through the goddamn moon.

Also announced is Superman’s new Man of Steel outfit, based on the new movie from Warner Bros. The skin will also be available to purchase in July, and will run $0.99/80 MS points. General Zod will be purchasable at $4.99/400 MS points. Make sure to catch the trailer itself below and see what you think of the new character.

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