A review of Griffin’s WoodTones Over-the-Ear Headphones


When I heard that I was getting the chance to review Griffin’s WoodTones Over-The-Ear headphones, I thought, “Cool! New headphones to try out.” I didn’t really think anything of it. Again I thought nothing would stand up to what I currently have been using, but then I heard that these headphones were made of actual wood and not just the name of the design. Why would this make a difference though? Well I am an audiophile and spent years selling high-end speakers and audio equipment, so knowing what I know this really piqued my interest.

Think about musical instruments such as acoustic guitars and violins; why are they made of wood? Wood resonates sound better because of the density compared to plastic, since plastic buzzes. With better density there is better bass reverberation, which deepens the sound and clarifies it.

The WoodTones Over-The-Ear Headphones come in three different types of real wood with each providing its own unique color.

  • Walnut- Wood from walnut trees, used in making of fine furniture, gunstocks, and decorative pieces, with distinctive wood grain and rich, dark coloring.
  • Sapele- Also known as Aboudikro, wood from Sapele trees, used for making musical instruments, reminiscent of mahogany, with distinctive grain and coloring.
  • Beech- Wood from beech trees, with clear wood grain and light coloring.


I have been using these headphones now for about two weeks straight, using them nearly every day. Let me tell you how satisfied I am with this set. These headphones provide clear and smooth sound with an easy transition from pop, rock, and rap music. It also sounds as if it actually improves, clarifies, and increases the sound when compared to my other 3 in-ear and over-the-ear headphones which really has impressed me and made me a fan of these.

When it comes to design it’s really beneficial to have the ear pads be able to fold inwards and flatten, making it easier for both students and professionals alike to stuff it in a backpack or briefcase without taking a lot of room. The soft and plush ear pads are actually some of the most comfortable I have ever worn, and even after a few hours, I really felt no discomfort on my ears. Another added feature, which REALLY proved useful, is the detachable cable which includes a built-in mic that works with Siri (for you iPhone users, it is like 6-feet long, allowing much more versatility and movement without feeling constrained).

The only issue I have with the headphones is actually quite minor and makes me a feel a bit shallow. There is a band that actually straps over your head since the headphones don’t adjust, which is what I am normally used too. This band hugs the top of your head, and if you are like me and do your hair every day in a style that isn’t freestyle, then the band flattens that hair on your head. Like I said, it’s a pretty minor inconvenience that I can look over, but I still have to point it out.

Overall these headphones really surprised me and are priced very fairly at only $99.99. The pair of headphones is much less expensive, in comparison to their competition by a few hundred bucks at least, making it the best value on the market.

Grade: A

Features and Specs

  • Real hand-turned wood enclosures with unique woodgrain
  • Wooden housings enhance voice and bass frequencies without coloring the sound
  • 50 mm moving coil neodymium magnet drivers for powerful sound
  • Over 90-degree pivoting earphones
  • One-size-fits-all headband
  • Impedance: 32 ohms
  • Sensitivity: 108 dB ± 3 dB
  • Frequency response: 20 to 20,000 Hz
  • Lightweight for comfort
  • Detachable 1/8″ (3.5 mm) cable with built-in mic
  • Built-in mic also has controls for Siri, call answering and hangup and audio (play, pause, next/previous track)


Source: Griffin

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