Retro-Futurism: The Art of Steve Thomas

Have you ever wanted to know what it would be like to travel the galaxy like we travel on earth? Instead of a eight hour flight “knee to ass” in economy class, wouldn’t you prefer touring space in style aboard a retro spaceship, having a Klingon Bloodwine with people that look like Don Draper and Joan Holloway? I think we can all agree that the answer is yes. While it may be a long time before that vision becomes a reality, the art of Steve Thomas can give us a slice of that 1960s space dream right now.

Steve Thomas is a graphic designer and illustrator with a flair for mixing pop culture with vintage/propaganda poster art. While he has several series specializing in different corners of geek culture (Star Wars, Lord of the Rings), his series of space travel posters is absolutely breathtaking. They are a perfect syntheses os 60’s leisure and futuristic optimism, and would look classy hanging in your office or game room.








For more fantastic Steve Thomas art, check out his website HERE

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