Turtle Beach E3 Hands-on preview

So while at E3 this year I got a chance to take a look at some accessories, some of which being the new headsets that Turtle Beach has coming out.

Let’s start with the one that everyone seemed to be excited the most about, their Seven Series Marvel Limited Edition Headsets!

Of course being Turtle Beach, it’s got the high sound quality standard you’d expect, but what really sells this (and what got everybody excited and talking) was the swappable and collectible ear caps on display. Will they be sold separately, or perhaps you’ll have to buy them in blind bags for a much cheaper price?


Middle coulmn, 2nd row from the bottom. WHAT IS THAT!?

Next up was there upcoming “i” series for the iTouches, iPhones and iPads.

_E3-products_i10 _E3-products_i30


They’ll be coming out with 3 headsets (as seen above), each one having the same high quality build while each being different depending on your needs, such as those just looking for the practical touch. The i10 will work great, but for the avid gamer and audiophile, the i60 is what you’re looking for. It has a USB transmitter which allows you to configure your speakers as well as an app for both the i30 and i60 that allows you to adjust your speakers settings without having to fiddle with the controls on your computer.

Next up we have the Seven Series CoD: Ghosts headsets

_E3-products_COD_Ghosts_Phantom _E3-products_COD_Ghosts_Shadow_E3-products_COD_Ghosts_Spectre

Like the “i” series, each one of these headsets has its own unique quality and usage, ranging from the casual “Spectre” to the professional “Phantom” series. Like with the other professional series headsets that Turtle Beach has, it comes with its own dedicated wireless router. These should be coming out at the same time as Call of Duty: Ghosts, and it might even have a pre-order bonus/edition.

And lastly the Xbox One headsets

xo4 xo7

Plain but not plainly built, like the Ghost edition headsets, these will be released at relatively the same time as the Xbox One. However, no wireless edition was present and both boast the same amount of power and quality, albeit the Seven version has a little bit more customization to it.

Well, there you have it; Turtle Beach’s Lineup at E3. All of them will be released (hopefully) later this year. One thing is for sure: Those Marvel headsets are gonna sell and sell fast!

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