The Marvel Novels: The She-Hulk Diaries and Rogue Touch Reviews

She-Hulk Diaries and Rogue Touch

There are two novels that are coming out today from Marvel and Hyperion Books, The She-Hulk Diaries and Rogue Touch. These are new literary works featuring two fan-favorite characters, She-Hulk and Rogue, and not really based on existing comics as animated movies and novelizations sometimes are, but you can tell that the authors did their research (now I do not know everything [and really can you in the Marvel multiverse?] but if you have familiarity with the works, you can see it appreciated).

Each book is vastly different from the other, though I liked Rogue Touch more than The She-Hulk Diaries, as I received both of these books at the same time, and they come out today (they can be bought together as a set at Amazon).

One thing that I did enjoy about each was that you were inside their heads, hearing things from their perspectives and of course living it as they do.

As I was reading The She-Hulk Diaries it reminded me of my Facebook feed, and I could see her stories and such coming into my feed with some of the same text (though with more pictures and response commentaries). She does remind me of a few of my friends and several aspects of them. I think that people who would also read this may end up thinking the same, that She-Hulk reminds them of someone or a few people that they know (at least in a few aspects if they are old enough, but more on that later). In the dual aspects of her life, like the reserved Jen Walters and the definitely wild She-Hulk, you can see this in many people, especially as they talk about their work and their other lives as performers, con-goers, etc. Hence with these many things, that is why it reminded me of reading things on my feed on Facebook. But this is the thing, The She-Hulk Diaries is rated YA and the target audience may not necessarily know people who have the dynamic split in their lives.

Some people might worry about the mix of real figures and media mixed in with the Marvel, but I always thought there is no reason you could not have popular culture like Game of Thrones and things from the Marvel Universe like cloning, supervillians, etc., because why would they not (or could not) exist in the same universe? Granted it could throw some people off, but like I said before, just go with your Facebook feed. The world has a Grumpy Cat that makes us laugh, a giant corporation working in genetically engineered foods, and so on. In this Marvel universe, there has been advances, aliens, you name it, and life goes on, which you feel from the novel, though some people have more complex problems than others.

It is a light read, not too serious, so the target audience and other audiences would enjoy it.

Rogue Touch, is much more serious and deals with a lot of problems that Rogue would have to deal with, especially given our current economy, which was a nice touch. It does not necessarily feel like a book that has to occur inside the Marvel Universe and this adds to it. One of the things with a heavy hand in the universe is that it could forcefully drive everything to be a certain way, and because it is not wholly set in universe where mutants are known everywhere, it benefits. With this book you have to leave your preconceptions of Rogue behind and I was someone introduced to the high-flying Rogue in the 1990s X-Men Series. This Rogue you have to think more of as Anna Paquin’s portrayal from the X-Men film series. rogue-1992Anna Paquin

Even better than that though would be to leave all preconceptions behind. This is a new take on her beginnings in our time. Of the things I found amusing was the concepts that had to be explained to Touch, as he did not get them at first, and I know the feeling that Rogue had in thinking about these things, as I have had to explain concepts to people who are not in or versed inside pop-culture, internet culture, and pretty much all of my interests, and quite a few times my professional skills.

The biggest thing here is that it works so very well as a stand alone story. This will be one of the big things for older and more well-versed Rogue fans, and that it will be very different from the Rogue that they know/remember/read about, but to those who may have only been exposed to the movies, and maybe even just conventions and cosplay of pictures will definitely enjoy this novel.

Overall, I think there is a lot of potential in these novels in the ones that will follow them. This is one of the reasons I like reinterpretations of the material that keeps the great core elements, introduce new ones, and create new properties that become enjoyed as part of the entire experiences of the characters across universes and generations.

I tried to keep these spoiler-free so you do not miss the good parts, but just read them, and enjoy them.

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