E3 2013: Innex showcases wireless retro controllers, Super Retro Trio, and GBA Adapter


The Retro trend never dies. While consoles like the Wii/Wii U, and PlayStation are releasing older games to download, it never beats owning the physical copies and console. Let’s face it over time your Nintendo stops working, but when it does it will require you to buy another one from online or find a shop that carries retro goods.

At E3, Innex showed off the current prototype of the Super Retro Trio, which gives you a Nintendo, Genesis, and Super Nintendo console all in one. This isn’t anything new (Retron 3), but it supports the original controllers for Snes, Genesis, and Nintendo all in a much neater organized way. It lacks HDMI port for original AV cables and that’s where the similarities stop.

New and original for the Trio is a switch that allows selection of different regions for games, a brand new program for making a lot of games work, and the special goodie that will be sold separately (unless you buy the bundle) called the Super Retro Adapter. The adapter lets you play Gameboy Advance, Gameboy and Gameboy Color games on your Trio, just like the Super Gameboy did on your SNES for your Gameboy games.

thThe Super Retro Adapter also supports the old Gameboy link cables, allowing you to play games or trade Pokemon with your buddies. The Super Retro Trio will release sometime this summer for $69.99, while the Super Retro Adapter will be sold at a later date separately for $39.99, If you want, you can buy both together for $89.99.

That’s not all, Innex was showcasing at their E3 booth, as they had a huge focus on Retro goodies. 3 new controllers were shown, one for NES/Super Nintendo, Genesis/Sega Cd/32X, and one for Nintendo 64. The best thing of all is that they are wireless. The N64 one was playable, and in a Smash Bros session, it made it easy to play as you didn’t have to worry about pulling the wires.

The controllers are TBA, but they look like the answers to plenty of retro fans dreams.

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