Telltale’s The Walking Dead ‘400 Days’ E3 preview


There’s no doubt that after virtually sweeping almost every Game of the Year award last year, Telltale’s The Walking Dead was high on list of games to check out at his year’s E3. We were able to sit down with Telltale to talk about the upcoming Walking Dead DLC, 400 Days.

The 400 Days story happens between the events of the first Season and second Season. Fans will notice that their choices from the first season will affect the 400 Days episode. The developers declined to confirm if we’d see any characters from the previous episodes, but I wouldn’t be surprised to run into a couple familiar faces.

The new Walking Dead episode literally takes place during the course of four hundred days. You play as five different character and each of their stories takes place at a different time during those four hundred days, in a Quentin Tarantino kind of way. In the episode, you will be able to play as Bonnie, Shel, Wyatt, Russell and Vince. We were only able to capture a glimpse of Vince’s story.


Vince is a convicted felon who killed someone for unknown reasons, which had to do with his brother. While being transferred from one prison to another, Vince’s bus makes an unscheduled stop when one of the inmates tries to kill another. One of the guards tries to break up the skirmish, but accidentally kills one of the inmates in the heat of the moment. While the inmates and the guards argue over what should be done about the killed inmate, something much more threatening approaches the bus from the outside.

Before anyone can realize anything is wrong, the previously dead inmate shockingly comes back to life and takes a big chunk out of one of the guards. Unsure of what to do, the only other guard leaves the inmates helplessly handcuffed to their seats. Vince and the other inmates find a way to retrieve the gun from the fallen guard and neutralizes the flesh eating zombie. It doesn’t help much, because now they have attracted the attention of all the walkers which have begun to accumulate outside.

Vince and the inmates struggle to come up with their next move. The best option the group can think of is to shoot off one of either inmate’s ankle chains. Once again, players are forced into a tough decision. As Vince, you have to choose whose ankle brace you will shoot off. Meaning someone will not have a foot from here on out as the horde of zombies are beginning to break down the barrier, separating the front cab from the rest of the bus.


For the most part, it looks like nothing has really changed as far as controls go in The Walking Dead. You still have the point-and-click adventure-style puzzle solving with a few key spots for FPS-like gameplay. Can’t really tell you much about the other characters you will be able to play as, only that their stories will intertwine and your choices will play into Season 2.

400 Days is scheduled to be available on PSN and the Xbox Marketplace next month.

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