E3 2013: Watch_Dogs first impressions


I will admit that looking at the previous videos for Watch_Dogs, I wasn’t really blown away. This year at E3 however, I was able to see a live demo to get a better understanding of the game, as well as everything you will be able to do. Watch_Dogs takes place in an alternate version of Chicago. The main character, Aiden Pearce, is a master hacker that infiltrates a supercomputer known as the Central Operating System, or CtOS for short. After Pearce plants a backdoor onto CtOS, he is able to hack just about anything in the city from his smart phone, and I mean anything. It’s like having all the power of “big brother” at your disposal, which is kind of creepy in my opinion.

The demo I saw was in two parts, the first was the same gameplay shown at the Sony press conference. If you missed it for some reason, you can find it below. The second part that was only shown at the Ubisoft booth, was a more detailed view of the city, as well as a showcase of how far you can really go with Pearce’s hacking. I remember growing up, one of the hacker movies I watched was called Hackers. This game reminded me a bit about that movie, but of course Watch_Dogs is huge extreme in comparison.

In this second demo, I was shown just how far and how much information Pearce has after accessing CtOS. From his phone he was able to get profiles on every person as they walked by, everything from names, income, occupation, and possible criminal activities. Obviously, this is an integral part to the game, as Pearce is a sort of vigilante, and uses all this data to fight crime.

As with several games at E3 this year, you can also have a companion app for your tablet or smart phone that goes along with the game. The app just added another layer of hacking that was very cool. Your friend could actually play remotely and help you during the game, putting markers on the map, taking out a helicopter, things like that. The last thing that reminded me of the Hackers movie, was the ability for friends to hack you in your game. A friend could come into your game and attempt to hack your information. As you’re being hacked, you have to quickly find the hacker and stop them. Once you’ve foiled the would-be hacker, you can turn the tables and hack them back.

Watch Dogs will release in the US on November 19, 2013 for PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360. It will also be available for PlayStation 4 and XBOX ONE around the holiday season.

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